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  1. I had the same experience. I ended up deleting MechJeb and KER from GameData. Now the game does not crash. I am without two of my favorite mods.
  2. What's the point of having SAS (Stability Assist System) when that Stability causes additional instability and jitters? What's the point of high torque if that torque has to be adjusted to not cause jitters, yet then becomes slow to respond in craft movement? Annoyed...
  3. I guess we now have to do extra steps when adding SAS control parts and reduce torque. Seems like a waste of time and effort when the prior (1.0.5) version didn't have this bad behavior or issue. An added step - fiddle with torque now... I guess I'll try that.
  4. None on the ground. Space center only lists one flight. The opening of the game save (sandbox selected) states two flights. no other ships counted. . . But....there is one flag, so I guess we're back to counting flags as flights in progress even though the flight that planted the flag has long returned to Kerban and recovered.
  5. Why does my sandbox - flights in progress add up to one more than there really are? With one space station in orbit, resuming that sandbox says there are two flights in progress. With nothing, then it tells me there is one flight in progress. Always one more than there really are. Bug?
  6. I call it broken. I watch a simple craft with a singl [gimble] engine and fins vibrate my pitch and yaw to drain the simplest battery system dead while attempting to hold pro-grade/retrograde or anything other than maneuver-normal. I've noted that RCS pops thrusters as well, if engaged. I have to toggle (tee-key) SAS off and on to get them to stop. Then I can safely engage RCS without drain. This is not normal.
  7. Since the 1.1.xxx update/upgrade, any attempts I make to use SAS and target markers [retro, prograde, radial,...] the nav ball targets jitter, the craft wobbles erratically making those features totally unusable for me. I have to click a marker on the left of the nav ball, wait until it comes almost locked, then disengage SAS and re-engage it, make manual adjustments [WASD] to get aligned. HELP!??
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