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  1. That's sad because it is overpowered.
  2. What the hell is that generator thing? :c
  3. Thanks a lot. Next time I will know how to find patches to part.
  4. @Padishar https://mega.nz/#!rsJlyK7T!j4mb4sWo8F0rrA5XYn07W5jZjZ6Fd13gKCwgz7_0yDs Here you are.
  5. Hello my gameplay is ruined by some mod that gives tons of electricity production to solar panels. I have a lot of mods but I cant figure out which one is it. I can give CKAN .mod file with that mods if you want.
  6. @tomek.piotrowski I have nice idea for new station part which could control probes etc. connected to it via antenas.
  7. In my opinion RT works better ( better UI and overall visualisation ) but I would love to see blackouts of singnals etc.
  8. @tomek.piotrowski Could you make RemoteTech more compatibile with Kerbalism please?
  9. I am using more than 70 mods and I tried turning on/off all of them and I figured out that Deadly Reentry is making problems with KKS
  10. I don't know why but KKS doesn't even show up in in-game mod list. Can someone help me?
  11. Yes like 70 other mods i will try stock + only Kerbal Krash system
  12. I think i have problem with this mod. I have damage indicator on every part but when it comes to crashing everything just explode. I even tried crashing slight but it explodes.