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  1. @TheRagingIrishman Its okay, I fixed it. but Tweakscale Won't work. And I guess I shouldn't be asking for help about that here. (if you do want to help me these are my mods https://gyazo.com/b0885017816aefe177506f94c7732993 and im on 1.2.2).
  2. I've downloaded everything correctly but, I crash around the time module manager does the patching stuff, (loading bar is half way) Log: Thanks For any help in advanced. (P.S These are the mods i have installed: BDArmory, BoulderCo,HyperEdit,Kopernicus,KSCSwitcher,ModularFlightIntergrator,North Kerbin Weaponry,RSS,RSS-Textures(4098),TweakScale And module manager. All 1.2. (if there was a RSS 1.3 I'd be on that right now with everything else as 1.3 too.) thanks.
  3. I replaced the whole RSSVE_Scatterer_Planetlist_Config.cfg into scattererCelestialBodies.. and did everything else.. came out with this... what did i do ._.
  4. I'm sorry If this is a really dumb question but.. I've installed it all correctly but I don't see clouds.. It may be because I used a saved world for the first time but.. I'm not sure. any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Kinda off topic but.. Does anyone know if KSCSwitcher for 1.2 will come out soon?
  6. So I was in career mode, And I was in Alt+F12 And Then all of a sudden I pressed SOMETHING And It disappeared, Alt+F12 doesn't work anymore, Please help!
  7. I just got BDArmory! Will this affect it? I mean. It's for 1.1 Will it work in 1.1.2? I'll try now.