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  1. What version of IFS are you using? In an ongoing career save (1.8.1), after coming back from a month or so off, and updating a few mods via CKAN, I noticed that I had craft with tanks that should have been loaded with LH2 and Oxidizer that had either no LH2, or would have LH2, LF and Oxi,. And like in your situation, you could no longer change the fuel types on many tanks. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I figured out that if I rolled IFS back to a version older than everything works as expected. I tested and, and they both seem ok. Its worth a shot.
  2. I noticed an issue running KSP 1.8.1 and this newest version ( on an existing save (along with Scrapyard, of course). With the newest version, the scene never loads. This error shows up in KSP.log: [EXC 11:09:36.456] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object OhScrap.BaseFailureModule.Initialise () (at <a6ec50f290af4da2b6f40211fa3cb8f5>:0) OhScrap.BaseFailureModule.FixedUpdate () (at <a6ec50f290af4da2b6f40211fa3cb8f5>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.I
  3. Ok, PM sent for a save that has the problem, I also included a mod list if that helps.
  4. How long did you let the game run? I also used @mwerle's fork to build for 1.8.1, and without, my memory using was around that at approx 3200, but then dropped significantly after a few minutes, and that was just sitting at KSC. This is on a recently (yesterday) 1.8.1 install, some mods, new save with no pilot data, but I can send it if that helps. Ill also start a second save and play awhile if real data helps.
  5. It does seem to be GC related, as without, at the KSC memory usage is about 3.2GB at startup, then it drops to around 500MB. With it, it stays at 3.2GB then steadily climbs. I don't see any errors in the console even with the logging in FF set to Trace, and I did try compiling for 1.8.1. Would definitely need a more skilled coder to take a look.
  6. Found the issue, the "un-released" version of Kerbalism 2.2 was causing it, rolling back to 2.1 or upgrading to 3.0 (in-testing) solves it.
  7. Ah, got it, thanks! I think I will do some testing on 3.0.
  8. Does Kerbalism affect buoyancy at all? Im on a new (modded) 1.7 install, and noticed that my Kerbals don't seem to float anymore. Previously with the same set of mods I use now, but with USI Life Support and Kerbal Health (and on v 1.5.1), they would always float back up. IIRC, both sets of mods add lead shielding to the pods, which I think is why the pods sink, but Im not used to the Kerbals sinking too. Mod List, just in case: "name": "CrewQueueTwo" "name": "EarnYourStripes" "name": "EVAHandrailsPackContinued" "name": "EVAPara
  9. They seem to swim in all directions with WASD, just not up. RCS doesnt seem to work underwater, they do put the pack on though.
  10. Is there a way to get Kerbals to swim to the surface? Ive noticed in my KSP 1.7 install (modded), that my if my kerbals end up in the water (usually after bailing out of a sinking command pod), they float for a second, then they sink too. Is there a way to swim back to the surface?
  11. As others have mentioned, it does seem to work fine in 1.5. Im using KCT
  12. Has anyone noticed (on Version and KSP 1.5.1) that the PEM Fuel Cell tends to shake craft apart when attached to the 4 core module? I had issues with craft shaking themselves to pieces after I deployed fairings. (They were fine while fairings were in place, but would start oscillating after the fairings were deployed) Initially I thought it was the 4 core module itself, until it happened on the pad. The craft stopped shaking after the connection between the PEM and the core failed and the PEM was thrown free. Edit: Fixed the issue, looks like it was the version of Kerbal J
  13. I wasn't able to fix it on the experimental build, but on a new save, with version of KCT installed, it seems to work just fine on 1.5.1.
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