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  1. Yeah, guys, don't discuss things like that on this thread. This is for BoxSat conversation, not geopolitical BS.
  2. BoxSat a.02f released: -Updated for KSP 1.0.4. -Removed thermal mass adjustments. Side note: We will be returning to more active development soonâ„¢. Although this is somewhat personal, I feel the fans deserve an explanation - my divorce is winding down, and I'll be moving in 2 days to my new house with my daughter as a full time single dad now. That's about as in depth as I'll go into it publicly, but the "D" word should suffice for explaining things. Thank you all for your patience while I endured what felt like purgatory. Cheers! -J
  3. Hi Boss, It was updated then tested using 1.0.2, we can't guarantee that it will work with 1.0.0. To my knowledge, some things have changed between the two versions which will make the mod "act funny" in certain scenarios, like re-entry.
  4. Some of us dislike not having beer for many personal reasons and would have no access to fantastic bubbly, hoppy development fuel without a means of support. It would also be helpful to the community so we can make more content for you.
  5. Alpha.02e 05/09/2015 -Updated for KSP 1.0.2. -Updated MM cfgs to use NEEDS. -Adjusted center of mass on all parts for better balance. -Removed two prototype parts that were problematic.
  6. Another quick update to the BoxSat mod. Things are starting to slowly calm down on the medical front, so hopefully soonâ„¢ I'll be back in the dev seat for some new parts. I do need to finish a project for a client of mine in the meantime, but Orcmaul is "braining" for the next big features to come to BoxSat once I'm all healed up. Cheers guys! Alpha.02d 01/13/2015 -Fix missing Propellant node in prototype LFO engine part. -Added stack node to dipole antenna. -Added prototype quad frame part and MM cfg for rcs stack nodes.
  7. Updated to 0.90 today. Happy Holidays everyone! Alpha.02c 12/24/2014 -Update for KSP 0.90. -Add SASservicelevel 1 to probe core part. -Remove SAS module from reaction wheel part. -Add prototype parts.
  8. This mod isn't dead, we'll be maintaining it to whatever versions of KSP Squad releases while I'm recovering / going through more medical tests. Once I can get the docs to put some duct tape in the right places, we'll resume our normal development until we reach "feature complete".
  9. I'll see if I can get a hold of Orcmaul to see what we need to do to bring the BoxSat up-to-spec with 0.25, if anything. I unfortunately cannot spend any time in KSP at the moment to do play testing and other things related to BoxSat development, so I have to rely on Orcmaul's information for the time being. I wont go into any extreme detail regarding what happened to me, but for those who are wondering what's going on, I'm recovering from surgery after having appendicitis. That said, I greatly appreciate everyone's understanding & patience with the development delays at the moment I ho
  10. Myself and Orcmaul will be streaming tomorrow at 1pm PST (9/20/14) working on the BoxSat A.03 update. Come on by and hang out with us while we develop the parts & features for the next update! Twitch Stream Link
  11. KSP BoxSat Streaming on Twitch tomorrow at 1PM PST! Myself and Orcmaul will be streaming tomorrow at 1pm PST working on the BoxSat A.03 update. Come on by and hang out with us while we develop the parts & features for the next update! Twitch Stream Link
  12. \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\BoxSat alpha\Active_ModuleManager_files
  13. AFAIK those are for compatibility with other mods, and are not entirely necessary for BoxSat to work. Orcmaul made a lot of extra configs I don't really know much about, being the graphics dude. However, I have asked him your question and I'll let you know if I get a different response. Unfortunately he's a bit sick at the moment, so his mind must be slowed from plague or some such disease. (Everyone wish him well!) That is pure unadulterated epic awesomeness - you're the first person I know to show off the mod, and you did a great job! I subbed, so hopefully you have 4k+1 subs now. I k
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