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  1. That Badger is a thing of beauty! The platform, especially, has given me a few ideas...
  2. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Is there still place for an entry? I hereby present Kermann Aviation's S-4 Goose. Weight (wet): 19.610 tons Wingspan: 17.7 m; Length: 17.7 m; Height: 5.4 m Range: Over 900 km Propulsion: 2x JX-4 Whiplash turboramjets Crew: one pilot + one scientist The design of this craft benefitted enormously from the previous challenge, especially with the leading slats.
  3. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Can you be more specific on the payload ? (E.g. does the booster have a payload, what should be the weight of the rocket, etc.)
  4. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    50 meters is a lot less than I thought... After a number of trials with a Goldberesque construction which simulate the carrier deck, I think I can take off in clean configuration, but just not with bombs and missiles... Quite frustrating... However, I've learned a great deal of things, which will certainly be immensely useful for the following crafts also... @NotAnAimbot How precise can you be when landing ? I decided against building a VTOL because the landing manoeuvers were taking wayyyy too much time and resources, but might go back to it.
  5. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Quick question: I notice KLAWs on the carrier deck. Can we assume that these are placed in order to hold the plane as it spools up its engine, in a similar way catobar aircraft carrier work?
  6. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Sadly I missed the deadlines for the two first challenges, but I might try my hands at the next ones... Already have some nice ideas departing from some of my planes...
  7. @Olympic1 do you know if there is a way to integrate the work already done in french for LanguagePatches ? Time permitting, I might also add some french translations...
  8. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Here's my take at a small, relatively low-tech SSTO : SSV-8 "Inherit the Stars" It is partly inspired by @renhanxue's "Everything I Know About Spaceplanes (though I did not submit to all the guidelines he gave), in particular the Panther/Twin Terrier setup and the solar panel/radiator stowed in the service bay. As it lacks RCS, docking ports and even a cargo bay, its main mission is limited to ferrying tourists into orbit and rescuing Kerbals.
  9. I look forward to seeing this used.
  10. Customizable Mission Flags

    I second that.
  11. Sure. On that subject, if you plan to land/recover it, I suggest you make the re-entry as shallow as possible; the ACTV has no braking surfaces and will speed like a bullet through the atmosphere.
  12. Some of the latest work on Lookdown is documented here.
  13. Reuseable rockets

    I meant for the ascent. Is it the same?
  14. Nice craft. Just wondering how you attached the tail elevons to the rudder, something I've been trying to do and failed.