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  1. I like the Calm Nebula skybox, really adds uniqueness to the Kerbal solar system. Also great for taking dramatic screenshots.
  2. Ah, so the base camp is meant to be orbiting around Duna and DADV goes up and down for whatever purpose it can have? This gives me another challenge Great looking parts as well. Your models are probably the best looking ones I've seen around here, especially with fully utilizing the bump and normal maps.
  3. I personally think this mod as it is right now is already nice enough, considering how many parts you need to slap on a satellite core to make one that does the jobs Полёт can do. reducing 5-10 part count won't significantly improve the gameplay but it still is a good thing. On the other hand... I'd really like to see where this conversation goes. I have two Полёт sats each orbiting Duna and Eve, sent by 7.5m rockets with quite a few boosters which cost me a lot. Making it more versatile would definitely be awesome.
  4. I've been running KSP in OpenGL with texture manager installed and it's been running incredibly stable. You may want to try them out, if you haven't. Also @JPLRepo, how hard is it to make a model for KSP? I started learning 3D modelling just about a week ago and advancing quite slowly.
  5. Just tried out the docking ports on the ground with wheels on them. They simply don't want to couple once detatched, and attaching an additional docking port on the Ranger's one won't help.
  6. Built a space station high up in 800 km and still don't know what delta-v is. Therefore became an all-time MechJeb user.
  7. Made two flags for different programs. One for explorations and experiments, another one for rescue missions.
  8. Just tried out the science lab, turns out that I was wrong. It definitely flips 90 degrees when extending the gear in the editor. And then this happens when out on the surface:
  9. Sometimes we just can't stay on the same ground forever. Hope you can find something interesting, just like those little green creatures living in our PCs.
  10. Does that happen in the atmosphere or outside of it? Or maybe on the ground? If it freaks out on the ground that's probably not a problem for this particular mod. The whole landing gear mechanics are quite messed up for now, so you might want to wait patiently until Squad releases another fix for this. Pretty much everything is described in that page, but I still can't get how it initially ignites the fuel and generates exhaust. Still good to have a source to confirm some things
  11. About that Ranger's fuel thing, I've googled for some infos about it and came up with this. Seems like the Ranger's engines are much different from those of Lander's, as they ionise the conventional rocket exhaust into plasma and accelerate it with magnetic force. Also Ranger will generate a lot of electricity for quite a long time with two tokamak fusion reactors built into the craft. So if the mod's goal is to recreate the crafts from the movie as close as we can, it should probably stay this way.
  12. Seems like everyone is having hard time with atmosphere flight. I also have FAR installed and both Ranger and Lander would flip when it reaches certain airspeed. Both of them are not so aerodynamically shaped so I can see why, but I'm afraid it would be hard to solve it because you can't really do something about actual aerodynamics for these crafts. Blame Nolan!
  13. I feel really bad to say this right after the update, but the Lander looks vertically stretched. Was this intentional to fit the IVA in the craft?
  14. I usually launched it with long solid boosters to take it high up in the atmosphere and then ignited the main engines, but you can always launch it by yourself and find out which way works better. Also huge shout out to JPL, I can see how much work you've been putting into this mod.
  15. 1.1 - 1.1.2 update must have been quite a chaos for some modders, as I can see some of the game's mechanics changed a lot, especially for all kinds of wheels and gears. Let's just take our time until Squad does some more adjustments or other solutions come out.