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  1. Nope :( Bloody hamsters stole all the taters... We had to divert dinner plans to pasta...
  2. Apply a measured amount of force and then measure the object's acceleration?
  3. Well correct me if I'm wrong, but, disregarding kinetic energy for a moment, is this not also simply a matter of... time? So say you're entering a gravity well with a discrete SOI boundary (for the sake of argument). You fall in, you experience acceleration, you fall back out, you experience the same deceleration. Now the time spent falling in is the same as the time spent falling out, so the change in velocity from acceleration is the same as the change in velocity from deceleration, so you come out going as fast as you went in. If you fire your engine before going in, well, then y
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Matter beam. I find it very well thought out and soundly grounded in science and facts and I learned a lot if interesting information and novel concepts from it. For me this post was informative and enjoyable and far from useless. Please Don't stop!
  5. Not in close proximity of a star it isn't Well space itself is about 4K IIRC, but that is not too relevant when you're being baked in solar radiation.
  6. Isn't the asteroid 16 Psyche supposed to be a fragment of a shattered body's inner core? Maybe that would be the best place to look for Uranium and Thorium?
  7. Well I actually had an ant colony inside a large houseplant pot inside my house at one time. The colony just grew there. Apparently a sneaky queen must have decided to nest there without me noticing. Well not until there where dozens of ants running around the kitchen and piles of dirt next to the houseplant.
  8. Well I ain't no rocket scientist nor a chemist, but I recon you'll get some pretty lousy ISP using that as a bipropellant
  9. I reported the same issue with the patch earlier. SuicidalInsantiy confirmed the patch for NFE integration is outdated. He even provided a working patch. His reply with the patch replacement is from July 2nd I believe, one page back in this thread.
  10. I noticed that myself. However the problem is now gone. I'm sorry, I don't remember exactly what I did, but I was messing around with patch files and reinstalling the latest versions of a bunch of mods.
  11. Thank you! The patch works like a charm! Love the nuclear engines by the way. And the electrical Banshee... and the ramrockets, and.... uhm... the fishead. And, well, the whole mod basically
  12. When using this mod in combination with Near Future Electrical, the nuclear engines (Pluto and röntgen) don't provide any thrust. Also an empty NFE interface window appears. I suspect the compatibility patch no longer works with the latest NFE. The patches bundled with Kerbal Atomics also seem to be completely rewritten by Nertea. I have experimented with the patch a bit, but as of yet without success. The engines work when I remove the NFE patch ( but without NFE mechanics naturally). Just FYI. It's not a very urgent issue.
  13. Hey, I noticed the Eel NTR was not getting any associated reactor controls when using the patches for NFE integration. I stared at the patch files for a while comparing the ntr-sc-0625-1.cfg patch with the others, and I noticed at the top of the file the @ was missing. It read: PART[ntr-sc-0625-1]:NEEDS[NearFutureElectrical] I changed it to @PART[ntr-sc-0625-1]:NEEDS[NearFutureElectrical] And then it worked. Just a heads up!
  14. I'm liking it already. I'm currently struggling with procedural interstages and ullage, heh ... and now there's a new version of RP-0, just when I got the old one working. Oh well
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