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  1. I don't see your point. If you don't want to take part, just leave the thread alone for others to join in. To answer your queries: 1. I am able to make crafts, but I'm not the world's greatest builder. However, the KSP community is more than capable of creating fantastic crafts. I am absolutely open to other judges joining, or even becoming sole judges without me. My aim was simply to make a fun, light-hearted competition. Directly message me through the forums if you would like to judge, I will take up to 5 judges. 2. There are no prizes, I just thought it might be nice to have
  2. Hello everyone! For the festive season, I am running a competition here on the forum! The winner will be announced on 25th December, so all entries must be in by midday on the 24th. Also, your crafts must be 100% stock. I will run them on my vanilla version of KSP. There are two competitions, the 'wacky' competition, where you must present your weirdest craft. It does not have to conform to any rules apart from one: SPH only. No VAB. Sorry. It can be a SSTO, a rover, a supercar, a plane, or whatever the hell you want. The crazier the better. However, it must fly well, my nooby
  3. Hi Matt, I can't download the 'Sparrow' File. Can you fix this (and can you say Hi UCSSS at the end of your post. My friends will be very happy!!!) Thanks and how the hell do you come up with SSTO ideas?
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