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  1. need drill and refinery to change resources into glykerol! one god damn small drill and one god damn extended attachment of refinery!
  2. no glykerol refinery, right? and huge glykerol tank? well, hope to see it soon...
  3. how did you took off the helmet inside of the dome on the vid?
  4. is there any problem on your mods or this forum? why all of it deleted?

    1. RoverDude
    2. hyperion9710


      can't get into https://bobpalmer.github.io, and can't find several mods that i used before, anything change?

    3. Grobluk


      Your link is dead for some reason. If you go page 1 of this thread there are links that work to all of the mods. 

  5. what i really wanna say is: waaaaaaaaaaaaay too far between each systems, that REALLY needs para-sci jump drive or FTL beacon between each system, actualy, i tried with roberdude alcubierre drive with infinite electricity and propellant, couldn't reach in short period. if you really wanna make somekind of Interstellar Manufacturing Corp or New Republic or somekind, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND to install FTL beacon or somekind with cheat mod, furthest outside of the system, one by one, with similar story as Mass Relay from mass effect series.
  6. i need that mod for galaxy mod, TOO HARD TO GET THERE WITH OTHER WARP DRIVE MOD, SO I REALLY NEED THAT MOD. use other warp drive mod, move beacon to another star system, and then turn on, and THAT'S IT! now relay deployed, i can initiate interstellar colony plan! i already uploaded this mod file on Korean community forum to request recompile this into 1.2.2 version.
  7. HarvesteR, you did a great job. You made such a great game for whole world. I hope you to get ksp project once more. Cheer up! This won't be end. All players and mod programers in the world will be with you. Hyperion DuGaulle out.
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