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  1. Duplicate module manager files

    Ahh I see, i was under the impression the .dll file was like a config file for each mod, not that it actuall is the Module Manager itself!
  2. New Ideas for loading screen 'hints'!

    -reversing polarity
  3. Hi guys, I've not played KSP for a while and i'm starting again with what mods i use. One thing i've noticed adding a bunch of mods at once is that the module manager .dll is duplicated a lot. Should i let these duplicate with (1),(2),etc or overwrite? I'm assuming duplicate as I overwrote them last night and some mods didn't activate in game. Bonus question: Why do some modders leave the 'game data' folder in the zip file when you have to move the mod into your own game data folder?
  4. RSS or similar mods.

    Hello! I haven't played KSP for a while now and I ant to get back into it but with something like RSS, but I can't seem to get any variations of it on the mod page to work (I can't even find he download for the 2x and 6.4x versions). By the looks of it they are all for 1.2 or below or have been abandoned, are there any similar mods or separately maintained branches?
  5. Commnet & antenna confusion.

    So two HG-5s in a 3 probe KSO set-up are too weak to communicate? And a Communotron 16 can't relay through them from the Mun? EDIT - Got the next grade antennas & they work great. Thanks for the help!
  6. So i've just started a new career mode with commnet & lowered science/rewards. Having got enough building upgrades & unlocked the necessary tech i'm trying to make a 3-probe KSO commnet cluster. I launched all 3 probes on the same rocket & deployed them using the 4 hour orbital period method to space them evenly. Now when I come to drop my 3rd probe it's always out of range of the KSC (extra ground relays disabled). I thougt this would be fine as the other 2 probes would provide a link but this isn't happening?! They also aren't providing a relay for a probe I have orbiting the Mun equipped with a Communotron 16. Im using the HG-5 antenna which I believe is a relay antenna & the probes all have sufficient battery power keep going in Kerbins shadow. The Mun probe can reach the KSC just fine on it's own but it doesn't even try to connect to my relays. Any thought on where i'm going wrong as I can't see it?