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  1. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Should I add another size? The 5m parts are part of the DLC right? So I would prefer not adding them in that size. But if you need them it should be no problem with tweakscale. They are not specifically FAR compatible. Maybe the addon that makes them deployable is confusing FAR as well. In my experience they work fine with FAR but don't have as much drag as with stock aero. Does the steering work as expected? I'll see what's going in here. I reduced the drag coefficient quite a bit. But the majority of the drag has so far come from the enlarged drag cube when they are deployed anyway. Should I increase the drag again? That's consistent with all control surfaces in KSP and it's how the system works. You would have to rotate every control surface for this application because you're basically flying backwards.
  2. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Update 2.6.1 Falcon Leg texture can now be changed without additional mods (FS texture switch support has been removed) Reduced control authority of Aluminium Grid Fins Fixed Falcon Leg collision mesh
  3. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    There are conflicting reports on Reddit whether the mod is working with 1.4 or not. I haven't had time to test it yet. Has anyone found something that's not working yet? I'll release a 1.4 version later that uses the new native texture switching function.
  4. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    As promised, here's what I've been working on recently. I wrote a 2D Falcon 9 landing simulation and trained an AI to land the rocket safely while using as little fuel as possible. Was as much fun as it was frustrating at times. A basic explanation for those interested: In reinforcement learning we have an agent (The "AI") that is interacting with an environment (The Falcon 9 falling from the sky). It starts knowing absolutely nothing about the environment and just tries new things until it gets better at it. It gets feedback about how good some taken action was in the form of a reward. Here, it gets rewarded for slowing down, getting closer to the ship and finally for a nice touchdown. It gets punished for taking too much time, which is equivalent to using too much fuel (a quicker descent without hovering is more efficient). So based on that feedback it will do the things more often that lead to a higher reward and avoid less successful moves. This particular agent took 200'000 tries over the course of 12 hours. I'm quite happy with the result: https://gfycat.com/CoarseEmbellishedIsopod
  5. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Not sure if that's worth it. Seems like a boring way to land a rocket and the stock landing gear should be okay for that. Sorry.. Thanks for the hint. That collider could be better. It's currently just a big box collider. Will be fixed in the next update.
  6. That's the one! It's a very elaborate metaphor you know. Great! Yeah that seems to be normal. Should I open a pull request?
  7. Behoooold! It is done! I shall henceforth be known as Master of Wheels, Conqueror of Colliders, Vanquisher of Suspensions. For I did not succumb to the powers that rule this arcane system. ...AMA I guess. Many thanks @Kerbas_ad_astra for testing. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ndeyd03pre6ko1m/AACAHWCLNDYI1byPu1H2yzCYa?dl=0 Can someone quickly verify my claims?
  8. Alright, wheels are done so far, who wants to test them? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ndeyd03pre6ko1m/AACAHWCLNDYI1byPu1H2yzCYa?dl=0 Going from stock to those is seamless for all except the large XL3 wheels. Those will do something weird and launch you up in the air when they're loaded for the first time. No idea why.
  9. A guide to making Deploying Landing Gears

    I had to apply the rotation of all objects in Blender (Ctrl-A -> Apply Rotation). Don't know which one in particular was wrong but it works now. Here's a rough description of my setup for the the SpaceX landing legs, thought I'd link that here.
  10. A guide to making Deploying Landing Gears

    Thanks for taking the time to make this! Some additions: targetPosition is the position on the suspension where it will settle if no forces are applied. Usually 1.0 for landing gear and 0.5 for wheels. TsubSys is the point in the animation where the wheelCollider takes over. 0 for beginning and 1 for end. useStandInCollider uses the wheelCollider as a standard collider for the wheel when it is retracted I'm having a small problem with my wheels. They all spin backwards (only visually). Have you encountered this problem before? I'm pretty sure all the relevant parts are rotated correctly.
  11. Ven entrusted me with the wheel models he made. They're almost done: Does anyone have any experience with wheels? All of them spin in the wrong direction and I can't figure out why.
  12. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    I'll take some time to add missing parts to Ven's Stock Part Revamp next (mostly wheels). After that, which part do you want me to overhaul the most? Thinking about making some drastic changes to the ITS Landing Gear now that SpaceX has ditched that design. Probably with some inspiration from the lander in the Mars series:
  13. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Update 2.6 Add new Titanium Grid Fins Lower heat tolerance of Aluminium Grid Fins Reduce control authority of all grid fins The aluminium grid fins now have a much lower heat tolerance. They will easily overheat without a reentry burn. The new grid fins have a higher tolerance but might not survive a reentry from orbit. Also I noticed that the grid fin control authority was way too high. So that got reduced as well.
  14. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Ooh I like that. It definitely was my nemesis during the whole modeling process. Maybe 222 instead of 333 because that's the number of days it took to complete
  15. [1.4] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Almost done! Just a few more tweaks until it's ready for shipment. Probably the most evil looking part in the collection. What nickname should we give it?