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  1. Yep that's on me everyone. @Geonovast sent me a DM some time ago but I must have missed it. I've just updated the files on both SpaceDock and Curse and edited OP. Let me know if that's alright and if I can add the download links again.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm sorry about the lack of being alive for the last couple of months. Life has been kind of busy so I had to put KRE on hold. BUT I now have some spare time again that I want to use to at least fix the leg suspension again. I'll start testing them myself but probably won't be able to check every configuration, so please let me know what legs don't work for you and in which situation. Bonus points if you have already found config parameters that work, I'll be happy to implement them. Glad to be back! #fixKRE
  3. Was positively surprised that it only took a couple of minutes of tweaking values in the config file. The reason it took a bit longer was that I had to wait for SpaceDock to accept versions for 1.4.4.
  4. Update 2.8.4 Fix Falcon leg suspension for 1.4.4 Leg me know if any other legs show weird oscillations.
  5. Everyone look! From the 1.4.4 changelog: +++ Improvements * Improve wheel suspension micro-oscillation and sliding.
  6. That was a collider issue. Here's the fix: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qlo4rxgrxigrilv/AAB0H6CEqVjgaaVL6-iYfrJma?dl=0
  7. Oh I didn't think of one that could be closed. Nice idea indeed. Will keep that in mind for when I update the heatshield. They should integrate fine as they got updated recently. Attach the Dracos on top of the pod's RCS thrusters and disable them as described by @Sufficient Anonymity. You can still use the RCS variant of the Dracos so you won't lose any functionality.
  8. Are they still that ugly? Let's remember that they used to look worse: But probably yes. Don't know when the remaining parts will get an update though. Glad you like it! They work just fine. It's somewhat counterintuitive but they attach in the deployed position. That's a creative application! But unfortunately I have no plans to make one with a hole in it. The whole point of having a heat shield is that there isn't a hole in it right?
  9. The fix was merged with https://github.com/VenVen/Stock-Revamp. So you can download it from there and it should work.
  10. Still? Pretty sure I fixed this issue when it came up in 1.4. Is it back?
  11. It uses some modules that weren't present in 1.3.1. But you can always try What @Starwaster said. If you need grid fins with high heat tolerance use the titanium grid fins. I lowered the heat tolerance of the aluminium grid fins a lot when I added those.
  12. Firespitter support has been removed since this feature is stock in KSP 1.4. Only versions of KRE before 2.6.1 have Firespitter support.
  13. Update 2.8.3 Adjusted new Falcon legs to match old ones in size and attachment behavior Improved deployment sound Added black variant for cold gas thrusters (@damonvv !!) Increased impact tolerance of Falcon legs in attempt to keep them from exploding
  14. You're right, that was not on purpose. I even forgot to include the old model. Fix coming soon. @Nathanson Updated. Let me know if it works as expected.
  15. Update 2.8 Improved New Glenn and Falcon landing legs Various texture improvements The old models are still there but hidden. They will be removed in some future version. Pretty happy with the new New Glenn legs, they are much more stable than the old ones due to better wheel collider orientation.