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  1. I've spent a few hours on it without significant progress. Really hard to get the bent geometry right. For now I've got a thesis to finish so there's not much time. It will get done eventually, I just don't want to release anything half-baked.
  2. Look at this angry waffle iron. Now trying to bend it. Quite a bit harder than bending the aluminium one.
  3. Good idea, I'll do that when RealFuels gets a 1.3 update. About the spinning rocket. Can you post a screenshot of it? It can help to adjust the authority limiter on the fins if they are too strong. How did you attach the probe core? I haven't had any problems with FAR when I used it in earlier KSP versions. They look like a nightmare to model. But they also look badass and I definitely have to try. EDIT1: What were they thinking? Why would they make it that complicated? Look at this geometry. Just look at it! WHYYYY EDIT2: Wat. EDIT3: Okay @SpaceX if you could just quickly send over the CAD model that would be great thanks. EDIT4: Steady progress. Very straightforward so far. EDIT5: Okay here's the real one. @BananaTime101 why do you do this to me. EDIT6: I should get some sleep.
  4. Update 2.5.1 Updated Cold Gas Thruster model and texture Small improvements to Falcon Legs texture (mainly fixed dark edge when zoomed out) Renamed "Deploy Fins" to "Extend Fins" in Grid Fin options (This version is still fully backwards compatible with 1.2.2) The thrusters are not ugly anymore:
  5. I've never touched RO, so unfortunately I wouldn't know what to change. But if someone has the knowledge and time to contribute the patches I'd definitely include them.
  6. Tundra Exploration has a Dragon V2: There are some others that add a realistic version but those are quite old and might not work anymore.
  7. Are you using Firespitter? If yes, make sure you're using the latest version: https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/releases If that wasn't the problem, please send me the KSP.log file in your KerbalSpaceProgram folder and the crash report (the folder with the date of the crash).
  8. Try this guide first to get a rough idea how to build a working first stage: Definitely use 3 or more grid fins. You'll profit from the additional degree of freedom and the drag will be useful too. You shouldn't have to bother with action groups. It automatically adds the deploy action to the braking action group. So in flight you can click the small break symbol at the top of the screen to deploy the fins. If you are having trouble with oscillations in flight you can move the fuel around to adjust your center of mass or even better adjust the authority limiter on the fins to make them less aggressive. Exactly. But it assumes that you have zero horizontal velocity. Just keep that in mind and maybe start your engines a bit earlier if you're not falling straight down. You may be right. The tool tip should probably be changed to Extend Fins instead of Deploy Fins because Deploy is already used for something else. Good luck and let us know how it goes
  9. Welcome to the forums! I've never personally used it but it looks like SpaceY has an octaweb and more: I don't know if it's 2.5 meter in size. You might have to use tweakscale.
  10. I changed: "SpaceXLegs-*" to "SpaceXLegs-S|SpaceXLegs-L|SpaceXLegs-XL" because it stopped working for me and I thought it was because of the wildcard. However it seems to work fine for me either way now. I'm on KSP 1.3 with Firespitter 7.6.0 and KRE 2.5. What KSP version are you on?
  11. Didn't know about Ctrl+Shift+C, will definitely come in handy. Thanks so much for making this. 10/10 would take life advice again.
  12. Landing gear is quite tricky. Maybe check how they are set up in stock. You can import them in Blender: Here's how my landing legs are set up: It's hard to pinpoint where the issue is with the provided information.
  13. Just two hours after I uploaded the new version of the landing legs. Oh well. Now where's the pen for my tablet... About the specularity map: Do you copy-paste all the "scratches" layers etc. to the Alpha channel or is there a more elegant way to do this?
  14. Sure why not
  15. Update 2.5 Revamped Falcon 9 legs Improvements to Dragon Trunk texture and model Adjustments to Firespitter patch