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  1. It wasn't mentioned in the announcement, to my knowledge; however, I could see it being a later release.
  2. My prediction is that you'll be able to switch between different models, with a remastered OG poodle being one of the selections.
  3. In the developer story trailer, there are some shots of pre-alpha gameplay footage.
  4. I swear that I nearly passed out when I saw this.
  5. A 1950's Navy Mark IV suit design would be cool.
  6. This looks fantastic! I also noticed some differences in the shadow quality, which I imagine is part of the planetary shaders.
  7. I have both: I purchased Breaking Ground yesterday.
  8. I've been enjoying this DLC for the most part; however, it's a tad bit buggy and is very confusing at times. Nonetheless, good job Squad! Keep up the good work.
  9. Life-support, new planetary textures for both orbital view and the planetary surface, and new bodies such as a Charon-like moon for Eeloo and a Sedna-like body in the outer solar system.
  10. Yes, but most people don't know about the Apollo Direct Ascent mission. He stated in his first reply that he meant a Lunar orbit rendezvous mission with USSR parts.
  11. Most people only know about the N1 program. I'd assume that's what they're talking about.