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  1. SpaceCube2000

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Definitely will install this when it's updated for 1.4.
  2. Will the IVA for the Mk1-3 Command Pod be included in 1.4.1?
  3. Hi, I can't install Stock Visual Enhancements on CKAN because Environmental Visual Enhancements isn't available on CKAN. It's fixed now, thanks.
  4. There's a problem on CKAN. Stock Visual Enhancements is on CKAN, but EVE isn't.
  5. You might want to update the forum post to say it's compatible with 1.3.1.
  6. SpaceCube2000

    Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    EVE works fine in 1.3.1.
  7. It seems to work with 1.3.1. Hopefully it'll be on CKAN soon.
  8. The Jool lightning is really cool. You should add it to all the atmospheric planets.
  9. I hadn't seen that post, thanks for informing me
  10. When will this be updated for 1.3?
  11. SpaceCube2000

    Mods in Stock

    Because it looks nice. Players would be able to disable it.