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  1. The director of the game stated in an interview that they would like clouds in the game; therefore, it's very possible that they will add that feature. With regards to atmospheric fog, in the gameplay footage that we've seen so far, it seems that fog will be an atmospheric effect.
  2. A variable "sky brightness" setting would be a nice addition; however, you can see stars in space.
  3. It's confirmed for Steam.
  4. For starters, Squad confirmed that they will continue to release updates for KSP 1, so it won't be turned into "useless dust." They're literally building a new game from the ground up to implement the newest technologies and allow for gameplay mechanics that were not possible with the present game. The amount of time and money that would be needed to shift the current game over to these new technologies, with less possibility for profit from those updates, made it necessary to release a sequel. Let's just hope they make a worthy sequel, rather than complaining that they're making a sequel at all.
  5. In regards to graphical fidelity, I made numerous observations from the "Developer Story" trailer pre-alpha footage (which could change at release), including the apparent inclusion of clouds, much higher surface detail on planets, implementation of bloom, and numerous other graphical effects. I'm curious about your thoughts on how this will affect performance on PC's.
  6. It wasn't mentioned in the announcement, to my knowledge; however, I could see it being a later release.
  7. My prediction is that you'll be able to switch between different models, with a remastered OG poodle being one of the selections.
  8. In the developer story trailer, there are some shots of pre-alpha gameplay footage.
  9. I swear that I nearly passed out when I saw this.
  10. Will all of the planet textures be improved in 1.8?
  11. A 1950's Navy Mark IV suit design would be cool.
  12. This looks fantastic! I also noticed some differences in the shadow quality, which I imagine is part of the planetary shaders.
  13. I have both: I purchased Breaking Ground yesterday.
  14. I've been enjoying this DLC for the most part; however, it's a tad bit buggy and is very confusing at times. Nonetheless, good job Squad! Keep up the good work.
  15. Life-support, new planetary textures for both orbital view and the planetary surface, and new bodies such as a Charon-like moon for Eeloo and a Sedna-like body in the outer solar system.
  16. Yes, but most people don't know about the Apollo Direct Ascent mission. He stated in his first reply that he meant a Lunar orbit rendezvous mission with USSR parts.
  17. Most people only know about the N1 program. I'd assume that's what they're talking about.
  18. Squad wouldn't have to stop development in order to implement clouds. I think that incremental improvements would be more effective, as Squad has already been incrementally improving graphics with the part overhaul, reflections and new skybox.
  19. The galaxy skybox was arguably the most visually out-of-date asset in the game. Thank you very much for updating it! It looks great!
  20. Here you go! This one is also very easy to run.
  21. Haven't tried that. As my previous forum threads have shown, I'm a little stingy about using mods.