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  1. right size for ch4 header tank....12 tonnes?(~28m3 as per steve) the lox header (pipes ?) have to hold 3.6 x 12 = 44t total 56t provides about 1000m/s on a 185t vehicle @ 380s.
  2. good news. 2017.1 to 2019.2 is a lot of stuff. physx 3.4, garbage collector update, ecs, lots of other neat stuff. i will be interested to see what difference it makes for performance. maybe not much at first until they decide to re-architect to ecs. that would be a non-trivial task. what are u most looking forward to?
  3. Also Hollister David has some interesting ideas for low gravity moons. Tunneling and tensile/compressive towers. EML2. http://hopsblog-hop.blogspot.com/2019/08/wish-list-for-space-video-games.html
  4. Will you use Unity ECS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4rWfPyf-hk https://blogs.unity3d.com/2019/03/08/on-dots-entity-component-system/
  5. Starwaster updated deadly reentry for 1.6 about 2 days ago : https://github.com/Starwaster/DeadlyReentry/releases And realheat most recent commit has a dll recompile for 1.6.1 : https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealHeat
  6. Got the center. Got some nice telemetry for a GTO sat. awesome
  7. What sort of acceleration limits are we going see on FH today? 3g? maxq? 30kPa? Have the block 5 sea level engines raised their isp (from 282s- 311s) ? What chamber pressure are they at now? How much fuel do you think will remain in the center core after booster sep? 120t? A bit of prop gets burnt during engine startup from T-3s to T + 0s How much prop do you think is in the tanks at liftoff? 405t?
  8. I was interested in what measurements they could take from this image : The University of Amsterdam's Sera Markoff said that the size of the black hole provided a new estimate of its mass; she called it "really a monster, even by black hole standards." It's roughly the size of the Solar System, but it has a mass that is 6.5 billion times that of our Sun. This actually resolved a conflict between two other measures of its mass, one from the motion of gas clouds nearby, the other from tracking the stars orbiting it. This may help us refine estimates of mass for black holes elsewhere. from ars https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/event-horizon-telescope-gives-us-first-images-of-what-its-named-for/
  9. For the faithful : Does anybody know who did the original with FH? I only rubbed out the FH to put in hopper. I know it is hard to tell its been doctored.
  10. Sweet baby raptor jesus. This thing is going to be all kinds of awesome.
  11. The internet needs transpiration cooling.
  12. Tom Mueller's team is rocking. I seriously hope we get a book out of that team and the test stand guys. Engineering text on modern LRE development. sans the itard stuff. Also the structures team, software, gse, payload, Lars landing algorithms are papered, but EDL would be another awesome text.
  13. This is interesting. Is this the first time EM has managed expectations for raptor ? And they are getting engineering iterations on their engines down to around 3 weeks from test to test?
  14. BFR REentry math : by sebaska https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/ain1kk/elon_musk_why_im_building_the_starship_out_of/eepp18r/ "The bow shock pressure is not immense. The compression ratio is immense (hundreds to thousands times) but if you are compressing from 0.0001 bar ambient, the end result is small. Edit: Actually you can easily estimate pressure: Loaded Starship has about 200t mass. It had about 500m² surface. As hypersonic lift is predominantly caused by bottom/windward surface (contrary to subsonic, transonic and low-mid supersonic, where upper wing surface provides 80+% of the lift), so 500m² surface supports 200t mass at re-entry g-load. With 5g it means 20kN/m² i.e. 20kPa, i.e. ~0.2 sea level pressure."
  15. Yep. He has to make back at least 30 million....probably more like 60 million on the engines alone. How much is Falcon 9 to build ....50 million? What is going on? unless raptors cost about the same as merlins...how? elon how?
  16. 268 bar for 20ms (?).....a new high bar. Tweet storm :
  17. apparently from a paper here : https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=41363.0;attach=1543146;sess=0
  18. This is good : How about a very small suborbital drone 100t glow? Dry mass would be about 7t, max cargo 11t. You could recover with a heli or a just a truck if you go one way emergency. For two way you don't even have to risk landing ...just parachute it in from altitude and head home. For small payloads (200kg), you might have 8600 m/s --> range = 650 km ( 5000 km one way) Payload 3t, you have about 7500 m/s ---> range = 450 km ( 3000 km one way) Max payload 11t, you are down to 5500 m/s --> range= 200 km ( 1400 km one way) Assume your flight losses (gravity + drag + steering) are 20% and you landing deltav is 250 m/s, and your final range is 70% of that on an airless body.
  19. Maybe not. Some observations : Falc 9 is a bendy piece of pasta. Wind sheer will trigger an abort. It will collapse if it ever loses press. Soyuz is much tougher. You can launch it in bad weather. I think starship will be an order of magnitude stronger than soyuz. Its already an order of magnitude heavier. Don't need press for structural strength. If air freight is flying, then starship should be flying. Got me. Space X will have to solve that. This too. P2P might end up making a mars outpost look easy.
  20. ....starship cargo does not compete with container ships. It will take time critical cargo off jets. Its not going to handle antonov sized loads....fedex only. Its going to be the fastest door to door goods delivery on the planet. And the most expensive. And people will pay. If I need a critical part shipped from NY to London in 4hrs, i use starship.(and helicopters from the cargo hub out to the pad) If i need it in 24 hrs, i use jetliner cargo. If i need it in 10 days, i'll send it on a cargo ship.... Corporations will pay big, big money for 4hrs global door to door delivery. Eventually, it will deliver people along with the cargo.
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