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  1. Yes, I've checked all the settings. All comm setting are off.
  2. Yeah I can when I get home I guess, but not much to show, just a craft descending at high speed through atmosphere with engines off...
  3. Hi again, Thanks for the suggestions. I've checked everything (like I said long time player) and also like I said the engines work fine in space, high altitude and at slower speeds. It's only under high aerodynamic pressure where there is no response. No flame-out, nothing, just the throttle simply does not move. Any more ideas would be much appreciated! Mike
  4. Rocket engine (supersonic retro propulsion can only be done with a rocket). Does not start at all, nothing indicated on engine menu (status normal).
  5. Sorry forgot to mention engines work perfectly fine in space, high altitude and at slow speed at low altitude. Setting is off for remote connection and I have crew on board. Its many engines and configurations (well many that I have tried), so not sure its related to specific parts...
  6. Hi all, Long time player, but I can't figure out why my engine won't light when trying to do super sonic retro propulsion in lower atmosphere of Kerbin. Using 1.2.2 64bit, not using FAR or any other atmosphere mods... Thanks!
  7. That will be awesome! Thanks again for the awesome mod. Definitely my favorite. Still looking for a good Dragon v2 pod though... any chance you are planning on making some SpaceX parts?
  8. Anyone know if this works in 1.2.2?
  9. Great mod, I love it! Thanks! Sorry if I missed it somewhere but I looked around a lot... I cannot configure options for ladder, solar panels, etc on the lander tanks. On KSP 1.2.2 64 bit, latest SSTU release. Cheers UPDATE: Found the answer finally, maybe revise the mod description and take out that feature? Thanks again for the great mod
  10. Nice mod thanks!
  11. Yes, I am using the 1.0.5 version and have used these parts in the same configuration before without issues... It's actually the 6 seat Reentry module built-in separator which fails/collides/whatever every time the craft is reloaded, works fine when the lower node is used. Also, found another bug where the SM engine activates at 50% when craft is on launch pad and reloaded. Will post on github issues page. Thanks, oh and BTW I LOVE the mod and thank you very much for the hard work!!! (Should have said that first)
  12. I just tried the Exploration Upper Stage and it disappears along with the Orion Service Module when I save/quit/re-load... using 1.0.5.
  13. Using RSS with RO installed. All works now as I got the updated part file (RO_FASA_Saturn.cfg) from GitHub I found from this YouTube video:
  14. Yes I have plus many other things all with the same result. As I understand it the parts need to be updated and I see the adapter base was re-sized to raise the LEM out of the guidance unit, but I can't figure out how to get that modified part... it is code on GitHub that has to be copied? Can anyone shed some light on how to get this extended adapter base?
  15. Yes I heard of this but I cannot manage to right click it outside if the VAB as it's so nested...