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  1. ...i had a docking port... and it was FLIPPY FLOPPY FUN ALL TEH WAYS DOWN!!! no boom boom though.. @Artienia looks fixed now, though im in shock that the mk1 passenger compartment survived re-entry
  2. this does not follow through to imgur, anyone else? it just takes me back to the ksp forum. other links are ok I like your design. don't be afraid of asymmetrical designs, u just need to work the thrust limiter, your shuttle is very... Shuttle-y i like it, i also like the in atmosphere flight capability. Check out the plans for the original Buran Shuttle. It included turbojets. One question with your design, is there a reason you are using small landing gear in the rear and not large? generally, a nose up position is only used for aircraft that take off from the runway, a nose-down position is easier to land usually, as the rear gear are bigger and thus can handle more stress. btw, Welcome to the Shuttle Challenge!
  3. I bought MH, but IMO we should consider MH a mod until the next update (1.5), my logic being two fold; #1 there is a chance the new parts' specs could change with the next update. #2 when this challenge started, there were no 5m tanks ect. I like the "engines only" i think it's a good compromise, though. there is no shame in a modded badge, lets be clear Thank you! yes, sorry for being lazy i think i was in a rush since i did all of 5-8 in one day I updated the Imgur album with better descriptions, and a poem on STS-7 I can't wait to upload some videos! I've been using an OSX machine for these missions but i will switch over to my Win 10 computer which has enough power to record video without killing my FPS, also now i am using an xbox controller so hopefully no more wilderness touchdowns :-/ i was afraid since the cargo shuttle (200 series, i.e. 2, 100 cargo bays) iwas using tends to stall and drop like a rock below 60 m/s. sry to disappoint u @michal.don you're right though, time to graduate to the big leagues! thanks for the badge. What's the difference between the commander and pilot lvl badges?
  4. Thanks for the welcome, it was almost a year ago that i did the other 3 on V4. Sry for any confusion, The "Ranger" (larger of the 2) has a KOS unit on board, but it was not used, I used KER for dV and navigation. if that makes it modded ill take the modded badge. Drag on the Mk2 used as wing; not a lot of drag, holds an ISRU, mono and ore tanks. more detail and pictures here: https://imgur.com/gallery/SDvbf
  5. I usually treat the MK2 fues as a wing. if u have wings in the front u need MORE wings in the back. @qzgy Not saying your way is wrong, if it works that's great, but i have built and flown MK2s without a lot of r-wheels or control surfaces. but it was not easy. u guys will see my MK2 when i upload next, sry for all the chatter
  6. very true I know we're getting a little off topic here but i think this is really the crux of shuttle design in KSP, can anyone else give their $0.02 about where the blue and yellow dots should be? i find that the AOA you want should be represented by the blue and yellow dots, the line that the yellow dot makes to the blue is roughly where your plane "likes" to sit while re-entering Has anyone else found this to be true? ALSO, MK2 fuselages are very misleading in terms of blue dot, esp at high angles of attack, the MK3 tends to lift less and therefor the blue dot is a bit more honest
  7. @michal.don Hey Mike that's a very authentic looking shuttle good job! the flipping issue might be a COM/COL issue, it looks like you have some fuel tanks in the rear of your shuttle. have you checked the COM/COL when the shuttle is empty? You might be able to stabilize re-entry and avoid flipping by moving your wings back, down, and giving them a slight Dihedral https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihedral_(aeronautics) even though your plane might pass the "well the blue dot is behind the yellow dot!" test, shuttles require a bit MORE in the way of "blue dot behind the yellow dot" happy landing, no more flippies! also angling your control surfaces to rest slightly 'up' will give u greater ability to lift the nose at low speeds
  8. DUDE! this is great! it could use a boost on the high end to make it sound less dark but i love the feel, very space age! Question? what programs do you all use? I'm a logic guy myself
  9. What does that mean? lol i don't think so Booo.... I want to hear it! bummer. Cool stuff! great to see this thread has some interest. i would love to collaborate on some KSP theme Music or musak, who knows? maybe it will get picked up by squad for KSP2!
  10. Hey everyone I'm in a band called Mean Siders we're a punk rock band from byk nyc. see https://www.facebook.com/meansiders/ I am also (slowly) working on a space themed concept album chronicling an interplanetary mission that I will set to video. I would love the opportunity to compose music for your KSP videos! just hit me up! so, who else makes music?
  11. Hello Andetch, I write, produce and record music. I would love to compose some original spacey backing tracks for use in KSP videos, let me know if you are interested, same goes for everyone else, just shoot me a PM!
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