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  1. My gosh, this game is amazing for everyone. The exploration, development, and explosions are awesome! Especially the explosions! They bring out the humour. I like creating rockets and sending them to Jool, and watching others do so. And blow stuff up. I've watched this game for 3 years, and eventually, I came to my nerves to buy the game, and I fell in love with it instantly. I don't know about you guys, but within the past year, I've had over 850 hours over gametime on this game. Well done Squad, this is the best game ever.
  2. Make sure to read the rules before entering a craft. Also, @boolybooly, you should probably mention how gantries cause clipping and misalignment A.K.A no launch clamps.
  3. Ok. A KIS chip is apart of the Kerbal Inventory System mod. Now, I don't know if it affects mass, aerodynamics and all that, but would does a KIS chip benefit?
  4. So I quickly put all the parts together, and without reduced fuel levels or the "KIS Chip", it weighs 0.84t. The radial parts create too much drag, even when clipped (because physicsless parts rules), during flight. BS detector detected positive.
  5. Hey @ccoel, what are the fuel levels? Also, NO ROCKET!? How can you get about 25000m with a Juno JET engine? Also also, can we have a picture of it? Also also also, 4 Z400s sounds like a waste. Also also also also, no wings? Also also also also also, I'm surprised by the lack of activity in this forum.
  6. Back when Jacksepticeye released his second KSP video - NIPPLE SHIP 2.0.
  7. To me, that just looks like a chunk of the mun - okay what the heck, is that a pipe? What's a pipe doing on the mun? Or is that the brother of the Kraken? You've encountered it yourself.
  8. We call it the Kraken because bugs are like Kraken. Ships would disappear out at sea because of it, and same goes for our spacecraft, except we actually witness the Kraken. If you wish, you can find a part of the Kraken somewhere on Bop. And also, I believe a bug is when a computer is given an input which it has not been designed to calculate, thus fails and gives a wrong output, or even crash. Onto the real topic, @ccoel, were you able to reboot the game?
  9. As I said, Again, thanks for the advice. Clipping radial parts only help for re-entry heating, and applies to all radial parts. See, this how I live up to my motto, "Discombobulated Engineer."
  10. Wow, never thought this forum would get the attention of @Snark. Ok, So in summary, in-line parts can avoid generating (lots of) drag, while it doesn't matter where you place a physicsless radial part because the army monkey. I apologize for my discombobulated confusion over this topic. However, I'm glad it put light on physicsless parts, which I sure needed to learn about.
  11. Oh, this game.... Well thanks. The wiki too shows that physicsless parts' characteristics are adopted by their parent parts. Still don't quite understand the Z-200, maybe it's because there's a nose cone connected to it, but at least I know now about the Z-100.