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  1. Well I already did a Jool 5 with the nose cone clipped, that's why I was asking if that would be allowed for my most recent mission to qualify, but if it doesn't it's all good (although the drag reductions were pretty much negligible anyway)
  2. A question - I take it that clipping nosecoses on the back of rapier engines is not allowed for this challenge?
  3. Turned my Laythe landing into a Vall and Bop landing - and took a picture of Tylo, Vall, Laythe and Jool on the way back
  4. A Jool 5 mission. Admittedly I only wanted to try it kind of recently but it seems like a challenging and fun mission for me to attempt; especially since I've never landed on Tylo before. Will probably go with ISRUs for the first attempt but I would definitely want to do a non-ISRU Jool 5 once I get better at the game.
  5. Originally just a lab with solar panels to farm science in my career save, but I upgraded it to be able to mine asteroids and convert it to fuel. Unfortunately I barely break even with the fuel needed to get the asteroid to the station in the first place so I'll probably disassemble it. I have not tried towing a D class asteroid yet though, maybe that will allow me to break even; any thoughts on that? Or would it be just a lot easier to mine on Minmus and have some craft deliver the fuel mined on the surface to Minmus orbit to refuel other ships The craft with a bunch of nuclear engi
  6. Hovering over the resource you want to transfer in the resource tab seems to work as well for me
  7. Added a new module with radiators and ISRUs to my space station, it was making liquid fuel painfully slow previously but now its a lot faster. Unfortunately now the station makes the game run at 14 fps so I will have to find ways to cut down the part count
  8. I managed to refuel my Moho mission after realising that i did not have enough fuel to get back home; https://imgur.com/a/VnPSW5D After that was done I landed on Moho, grabbed all that science ( this is a career mode save) and prepared to head back. It took me about 30 minutes just fiddling with maneuver nodes and timewarp to somehow get myself a direct encounter from Moho to Kerbin...and then I was 10m/s short to set my crafts trajectory into Kerbin's atmosphere for aerobraking. So i undocked my capsules from the nuclear engine module and used a Kerbal to push instead I di
  9. I got my Moho spacecraft all the way to Moho after tweaking with manuver nodes for a long long time.... Did my Moho capture burn and then I realised I did not have enough fuel to get back to Kerbin, even after ditching my Moho lander. Guess I'll have to send a refuel mission now....
  10. I've been playing mostly career - almost done with my first playthrough. I seem to prefer having my science modules actually do something rather than just being cosmetics in sandbox... On a side note, I can't seem to be able to see the target distance indicator on the main HUD so when docking I basically have to eyeball how far my target is - any solution suggestions?
  11. Sorry if I did not phrase it properly but its the former, but the next reply has already answered it
  12. So i had a craft that was doing tourist contracts (basically a mk 1 command pod with a science jr under it and a heat shield) and i noticed that if i managed to keep the craft upright, after the reentry effects fizzle out, i would be going slow enough to deploy the chutes, however, if my craft flipped over during descent i could not slow down fast enough to deploy chutes before becoming fireworks. Why is that so? I'm guessing its something to do with the heatshield having higher drag than the top of the spacecraft.
  13. Most of the structural stuff, because my rockets have pretty simple designs so far. Except for struts, can't have enough of them.
  14. - Hasn't been on the forums for almost 2 years - Comes back to this - Finds it at the last chapter - Still doesn't fail to impress me - Wait @Just Jim is SQUAD staff now? Great work man!
  15. Finally managed to catch up. Really? Why do you always have to stop at the fun moment?????
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