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  1. Sorry if I did not phrase it properly but its the former, but the next reply has already answered it
  2. So i had a craft that was doing tourist contracts (basically a mk 1 command pod with a science jr under it and a heat shield) and i noticed that if i managed to keep the craft upright, after the reentry effects fizzle out, i would be going slow enough to deploy the chutes, however, if my craft flipped over during descent i could not slow down fast enough to deploy chutes before becoming fireworks. Why is that so? I'm guessing its something to do with the heatshield having higher drag than the top of the spacecraft.
  3. Most of the structural stuff, because my rockets have pretty simple designs so far. Except for struts, can't have enough of them.
  4. - Hasn't been on the forums for almost 2 years - Comes back to this - Finds it at the last chapter - Still doesn't fail to impress me - Wait @Just Jim is SQUAD staff now? Great work man!
  5. Finally managed to catch up. Really? Why do you always have to stop at the fun moment?????
  6. It's done! Shorter than I originally thought, but trust me, the fun starts next chapter. Past couple of weeks was busy with exams, just finished it today. Planning on getting back to lots of writing!
  7. Thank you for sparing my brain. For now (Still, @Just Jim's imagination is hard to comprehend.)
  9. I have some plans for myself, basically thinking of doing some ratting (heard can be quite profitable even with frigates), then maybe do some PvP (I have this ridiculous idea about ganking gankers). Currently just mining and mining for cash as it's a more reliable way of income for me currently as I'm pretty busy. Good part is, alpha clones (which I am one) are getting battleships and much more skills and tech 2 stuff at the end of this month, along with more mining opportunities, so yay!
  10. Agreed, doing things in it takes way more time than I expected.
  11. Well, this game is pretty old to say the least, but I've only just started playing it despite being a Scott Manley sub for a few years (and I regret not trying it out first). Just wondering if any people here also play the game, maybe get a corp going, who knows?
  12. I apologise for the lack of updates as I'm pretty busy recently (and also for the next week ) I can say that the first chapter is about halfway done, and don't worry, it's longer than the prologue; I don't take that long (hehe).
  13. Okay my brain is in complete circles but continue on with your discussion...
  14. Then who is Val's mother? How did Emiko get a granddaughter without getting married? Incomplete theory: Val's mom got taken away by krakens or ETs or stuff like that, and she is already poofed. Or she's probably somewhere, lost in Kraken space. Or she's actaully Piper or disguising as another Kerbal.