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  1. 22 hours ago, Deddly said:

    Trimmed the thread a little. Please remember where you are, people.

    Sorry, I didn't realise it would still be against the rules if i censored it.

    My frustration got a bit out of hand :/.

    Also @SparkyFox @Kombat engineer wants to be added to the whitelist.

    22 hours ago, AlmostNASA said:


    Pines tramway in sanctuary are completely separate from the metro.

  2. 4.PNG

    I was completely calm before you started telling me that I needed to take time off to calm down. Because it seemed like we had finally ended the argument. You continued it however by not unbanning me. I didn't even hate you at the time. I was ready to forgive and apologise to everyone and continue playing like nothing ever happened. If that is somehow not picking up my attitude and getting my behaviour in order then i don't know what is.

  3. Please unban me, I really don't want this fight to continue. I've spent the last 18 hours with my mind preoccupied with this, and it's starting to really stress me out. It seemed like we had finally resolved with about an hour ago, which was a hallelujah moment for me. But the fact that I am still banned for absolutely no reason is making me want to punch a tree.






  5. 3 minutes ago, transitbiker said:

    I am not complaining.  It is A project, OUR project, group/server collaborative project.  the fact that you think i am complaining is a huge indication that you're not quite understanding the situation.  So i'm just going to do my thing, because it's xmas eve and i'd much rather be enjoying my time on the server vs argue with someone stuck in a certain mental mode.  Enjoy your day! :)


    - Andy

    "but i would never claim to own any part of it "

    looks like a complaint to me. You are complaining that I am claiming to own it.

  6. Just now, ZentroCatson said:

    I think we need to find a middle ground for this. How about we make Florid the CEO of our railway project? It'll still be your project Florid, but a community project at the same time. Win-Win situation! Also can you please make a credit list on your railway map with the people who helped build it? That would be really awesome from you :D

    That is literally exactly what it has been the whole time.

  7. 5 minutes ago, transitbiker said:

    Here's the thing.  Someone would have eventually done a rail line system.  This is and will remain a collective and collaborative project.  The rail line passes through too many areas where other people are involved for it to be "owned" by anyone.  I have taken the title of railways foreman, but i would never claim to own any part of it.  My title basically means i maintain and safeguard the rail lines while also looking at improvements and enhancements.  I collaborate with people who know redstone to do the redstone, and they let me do all the crazy building and tunneling required to actually construct the right of way and put track down because that is something i am really good at.  My area of real-life expertise is sustainability, especially in transportation and planning.  It's the perfect fit for me.  Continuing with the "thanks for the contributions to my rail system, but its mine and me mine myself my idea" line of thought is not going to jive with the community we have become over the last weeks and months.  If we all work together, we can do literally anything in this game.  It has grown far beyond your original vision, and the cause has been taken up by several others eager to make lots of additional  improvements including the in-city loops at both hubs.  Lets be a team player, huh?  Don't be "that guy".


    - Andy

    I don't understanding what you are complaining about. I've never claimed to own it up until now, the only reason that I am is to help make it clear that it is my project and always has been. The community has just helped along, and will continue to if they so wish.

  8. 5 hours ago, ZentroCatson said:

    @Florid Monkey I'm fine with you owning the tracks since you started it and things, but it kinda has turned into a community project. @transitbiker tunneled and laid 80% of the track from Paradise to East Desert and Tree Farm, I made the transit junction aswell as helping finish Paradise station and Darkowl finished the roof of Paradise Station. So please give credit to all the people that did something important, in the time you haven't been online we've nearly completed the track. Especially transit, he's done such a good job making the track to East Desert and the tree farm.

    "Other sections of track are still managed by their respective owners."

    4 hours ago, transitbiker said:

    Firstly, thank you.  Secondly, i did more than just build the line past Jermey's bridge.  I scouted the route of the line, set up the tree farming area, and definitely had some help with the trunk bit into the woods past the bridge (thank you thank you thank you).  I built bridges and enclosed the rail line as to protect from hostile mobs and general interference from other mobs.  I also put work into paradise central to finish the brick and glass shell.  I then finished out the inside with the two upper floors with fencing and torches, my railways office for a central storage place for railways material & tools etc, then i went underground and completely dug out the sides to make them both uniform looking and at least two blocks thick on the other side.  As part of that project i finished all of the details that had been overlooked sich as replacing stone with stone brick at ground level outside, then dug a perimeter trench 3 blocks deep and put stone brick there to protect the lower concourse from accidental intrusion.  Then i added all the torches (from stuff i mined etc myself) underground for uniform lighting to end the continued spawning of hostile mobs down there.  I also put torches all over the basement around the redstone works, sealed off tunnels and caves to protect it from hostile mobs (creepers still blew up stuff at that point) and plugged all but one access point (leading to my humble foundry).  I took hours to craft clay bricks and glass for the station, and kept pushing for the main shell to be finished.  Then on top of that and with sparky, protected and modified the intercity trunk line to keep it safe from water, hostile mobs and careless mining.  I am actually not done with it yet, there are some modifications that need to be done such as re-routing it through the old spawn chamber vs having it go around, dropping the whole line by one block, and filling in all the mined out areas in the walls and ceiling.


    Florid, you may have indeed started this project, but once you went missing the rest of us adopted it and took it over as a community project.  That is a GOOD thing, because if we didn't care, the station would still look like it was bomed out during a war, there would be water intrustions all over the place, and the line past jeremy's bridge would not exist.  Instead of acting like my girlfiend's kids over the issue, you didnt even bother to take the time and step back and realize that hello the station building is complete and looks amazing.  Hello, the line to the east desert is complete, and is in the middle of a refurbishment project to make it safe and more scenic, and has a terminal station and will have a redstone cart handler system soon.  I even decided on having surplus cart storage in chests next to the cart storage units so any imbalance in count can be corrected easily.  The line past jeremy's bridge is 3x3, allowing room to jump so you can travel faster on foot if need be plus it's more spacious visually.  My plan was to make the intercity trunk line 3x3 as well, and simplifying the torch layout to the block row between the tracks so the torches can be freed up to illuminate paradise and sanctuary to keep hostile mobs away.  I have more plans too and i can actually mostly do it all by myself thanks to the kind and generous gestures of my fellow players.


    The rail system that you started has grown into the most complex and most amazing team built thing i have seen in minecraft, including any/all videos on youtube.  Can't you take pride in that, vs act all resentful of your fellow players?  C'mon dude!


    - Andy

    I am very grateful of other peoples contributions, it is what has made the system what it is today. But other people need to respect that It is MY project. You are still the full owner of the desert and tree farm lines, as you started them and I barely contributed to them.


    4 hours ago, DarkOwl57 said:

    @transitbiker, I 100% agree. Even though I have been on this server for a month (Give or take), I haven't seen you (@Florid Monkey) ONCE. Not once in the span of 30 days have I seen you on the server, and in that time, the station's roof has finished, there are brand-new floors, and multiple issues have been fixed (There was a time about a month ago when the call button didn't work; I think it got overflowed). But did you do that? No; The community did. You can't take credit for what other people have done. And if you try to take credit for the things I've done, have fun having water on your head the next time it rains.

    Nope, not taking credit. All I am asking is to not have my project stolen by other people. 

    Listen, I never intended for it to be a community project when I started. I just wanted to connect a few areas up with a metro line. But a few days after building paradise station @JeremyKerman and @Fluburtur started building some inner workings for the station. I was fine with this as they where doing an amazing job. The project quickly morphed into the three of us building sanctuary station and laying out some of the first roads there. As the connection between Paradise and Sanctuary neared completion @transitbiker started helping as well. He did some great work at finnishing the Desert and Tree Farm lines, which i had only contributed a small amount to. In my absence even more people have chipped in, which I am enthused by. Other people helping has made the project 10 times better than it would have been otherwise.

    You guys are misunderstanding me. My post titled Florid Rail Is not going to change anything, I am merely outlining how the project has been run since the beginning. It's just that most contributions I have been very happy with, but if there is one that I am not happy with, then I want others to be respectful of that.

    -Florid Monkey

  9. 9 minutes ago, DarkOwl57 said:


    According to your logic, because Sparky's house is a "Community Project," the rails are a "Community Project" as well, meaning no one can own it. Or is this just for things you want but don't have?

    I started the project and didn't intend for people to turn it into a community project. I think this is very fair. I'm only outlining very clearly how I have been running things since the beginning. There just haven't been many thing that I have disagreed with in the past.

  10. Florid Rail

    As there has been much confusion about the ownership of Paradise Central Station, I have decided to make this post outlining the rules and guidelines for working with Florid Rail. Now the official owner of the station.


    Florid Rail is the body that manages the Intercity and Nether lines. It also operates Paradise Central, Sanctuary (Spawn) and Nether Hub Theme Park stations. Other sections of track are still managed by their respective owners. The president of Florid Rail (FloridMonkey) has a 50% stake in the company, and Fluburtur and JeremyKerman each have a 25% stake for their amazing work tunnelling between Paradise and Sanctuary, and configuring the Redstone.



    1. Florid Rail retains full ownership of Paradise Central, Sanctuary (Spawn) and Nether Hub Theme Park stations. It also retains ownership of the Intercity and Nether lines.
    2. Sections of track belonging to other parties become Florid Rail track at the point of entering a Florid Rail tunnel.
    3. A minor change is defined as a change that would take less than 5 minutes to restore to it's previous state.
    4. Outside parties may make major changes to Florid Rails assets with the intent to improve, or otherwise help the function of its services, by first gaining approval from Florid Rail.
    5. Outside parties may make minor changes to Florid Rails assets with the intent to improve, or otherwise help the function of its services, without waiting for approval.
    6. Florid Rail retains the right to reverse minor changes and reject major changes.


    I hope this clears things up.



  11. 12 hours ago, MK3424 said:

    Guys, this is liquiding me off!!!!: 


    A new player by the name of Kuliks has send me a letter complaining about the actions of FloridMonkey by not telling where the location of the end was (because he never found it in his game) and when he found the end he was threatened by florid by means of calling names and then threatening to ban him because he accidentally stepped in some magical stuff when he came out of the portal... and the he threatening to going to blow up his house if he finds it ugly. 

    We all wanna play on the server because of the fun times we are going to get...

    The server is now 3 weeks old and there have been numerous incidents with players not following rules, bickering, griefing, stealing....

    If this keeps up....i'm gonna have to turn it into a whitelist only server and only guys who wanna abide the rules are allowed on it... 

    Lol I just re-read your post. I Don't remember ever caring if his house was ugly or not. Flub and I where just joking around because I blew up zoo's house.

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