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  1. I get the exact same issue, its a deal breaker for me since the mod's whole purpose is to look good. I think it is partly scatterer that is the cause of it, but also just the ambient light, try turning down the ambient light sliders with planetshine if you have it installed. After tweaking scatterer and planetshine settings, ive gotten it to almost go away, but you basically have to really turn down scatterer's settings, which reduces how good it looks overall, but in my opinion its worth the trouble. EDIT: also, the view from the tracking station has higher ambient light for whatever reason, which makes it looks worse, so make sure you are in "flight" with a vessel before you actually judge the appearance.
  2. Thats totally fine, ill be happy with it. Will there be any way to customize it? And will it exist on other atmospheric planets? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. Awesome, im looking forward to that. Is each sunset and sunrise going to be the same? Or will they be slightly procedural, sometimes more red, sometimes more yellow. I dont know what causes it but in real life you rarely see two identical sunsets/sunrises.
  4. Thats good enough for me, thanks, im looking forward to the stockalike ones.
  5. Any plans on new textures? Not complaining, but haven't the same textures been used for like 2 years? They dont really fit in the same style as most other mods/stock textures. They kind of stand out. Also they look a bit low res, I dont expect anything, i just thought it might improve the whole experience.
  6. Yeah like that, but only during sunrise and sunset, and the color would change depending on the angle of the sun. Just like in real life.
  7. No worries, just thought i would mention it in case it was possible. I dont want to rush him, Ive always believed work is done better when you take your time.
  8. Hopefully it can, maybe not by scatterer itself, but maybe @Proot or @Nhawks17 could figure it out and put it in one of their visual overhauls. I imagine people would like it.
  9. @Berlin Well thats not the clouds taking on the color, thats just shadow on the clouds, and the background is just scatterer doing what scatterer does. What I mean is real sunsets/sunrises, where the red wavelengths are more visible and the clouds turn pink/red/purple. I use SVE, but it could be so much more. Like this:
  10. Is there any plan of a collaboration patch that would allow EVE clouds to take on the colors of sunrise/sunset? Or would that be someone a third party would have to do. I only ask because thats the only thing missing in my mind. Everything else looks great to me.
  11. EDIT: Nevermind i should have read previous posts first, disregard. Are you planning on having custom Scatterer configs? I mention it because i like what scatterer brings to the table but in conjunction with EVE it has a few unsatisfactory side effects, such as bright terrain under dark clouds on the the day/night transition, im assuming its because scatterer "scatters" too much. Im just too much of a layman to figure out how to configure it, but i think it would add a lot to KSPRC. Unless of course you have your own version of atmosphere scattering.