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  1. When will this mod be updated to work with 1.2.1? This is one of the most important mods for me in KSP
  2. The correct modding attitude is you should at least play the mod made by yourself! And the maker of this mod clearly hasn't! So just shut up if you are not the maker of this mod!
  3. But what about the changes from OPT 1.8 to 1.8.5???? For example, I see in the part files that that the name of "opt.stabilizer.a" has now been changed to "stabilizer.a", is this really necessary if they are the same thing???? Also, why are the rescale options all gone? Is 1.8.5 an upgrade from 1.8 or a downgrade?
  4. Hi, I just want to ask: Why is every update of this mod a disaster? Good job on ruining all the crafts I've spent hundreds of hours making, AGAIN!!!! EVERY CRAFT I'VE MADE WITH OPT 1.8 ARE NOW INVALID IN 1.8.5 BECAUSE PARTS ARE MISSING!!!! SAME WITH WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I UPGRADED FROM OPT 1.7 TO 1.8!!! OMG! Last time you said it would be the last cleanup and you guaranteed from then on, all the part names would be persistent! But this time it's "[REDACTED]" again? Seriously, what is wrong with this mod and its developers?! Can you please stop renaming anything in the future updates????? That's just not the right modding attitude!!!!!
  5. Thanks! And I have another suggestion for the site: add some new sorting options on the main page. For example, by weight, by crew, by cost, and by size (length along the longest axis). I think that would be interesting!
  6. Everything's the latest, and the installation was completely clean (no pre-existing files). What logs are you talking about?
  7. I'm using KSP 1.1.3, and this mod breaks the game! Every time I crash when looking through a hull camera, the screen will be completely stuck, and I cannot switch to external view or even use the game menu (revert doesn't work, because the menu becomes broken). I have to restart the game every time... Is there a fix for this problem?
  8. What camera plugin did you use to get the 1st person view of a Kerbal?
  9. I don't know where that minor difference came from. It could be from adjustable ballast or some other patches I have. I don't know... I simply have too many mods... The numbers you got are already close enough for a mod craft! That's totally acceptable!
  10. I have problem with the site, it doesn't allow me to upload anything after the update. Whenever I try to upload, it tells me I'm halfway through uploading another craft. I checked my craft list, it tells me I have 110 crafts in total, but only 109 are visible (I didn't hide crafts without pictures). I can see I have an unfinished craft (called "Yuri Prime") in my dashboard page, but I can neither edit it or delete it. So basically, I can no longer upload anything with my account right now, and there's nothing I can do about it. Please help! Here's the error message given when I try to upload anything: Couldn't Upload Craft You were part way through uploading another craft. Click below to either finish uploading that one or cancel it before uploading another click here to finish uploading When I click that link, it shows another error page: Was that the primary buffer panel!? Something has gone wrong! I have been notified about it and will investigate. If you feel like being extra helpful, you could leave me a message on the KSP forum Or write a bug report on githib
  11. LOL! i like this train! Can you share the download link?