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  1. I was having the same problem today, and because this thread is old, I have no idea if you had the same problem. But in case anyone in the future also sees this and finds this thread, it looks like, for me, the issue was that Applicant Kerbals had a nonstandard trait (possibly due to a plugin I no longer use after the recent upgrade to 1.7.x). Removing all "Applicant" type Kerbals from the roster fixed the problem (and new applicants were promptly generated.
  2. I'm seeing something similar on an asteroid. I'm not sure if it's KIS related since it seems to also happen with the claw. I've attached a few different parts to the asteroid with Pylons, but having left and come back, one of my pylons (and one of my claw-anchored ships) are floating above the asteroid. Another of my pylons and its attachments have sunk beneath the asteroid surface. I haven't changed versions of KIS since I got it to work (I still have to use the press-an-extra-key workaround, but it works). Screenshots: Floating pylon (left) and "disconnected" claw (lower
  3. Unforuntately, I do not have another keyboard to try this on. I opened up the debug panel and looked for messages. On left-clicks that didn't do anything (no keypress), no logging was generated. If I pressed a key and then proceeded, things appeared normal. The log would reflect that items were dropped or anchored as expected. My normal FPS is... I don't know.
  4. Well, this is interesting: I removed CKAN and all the mods and then proceeded to download KAS/KIS manually and unzip them into the GameData folder. I still had the same issue, but in playing around I found I got get it to work sometimes: If while holding down H to try and do a surface attach, a left click would normally do nothing, but if I hit R a few times to cycle through all the node options and then immediately started clicking the left button, one of the clicks would often take and the object would be attached. When removing, the same thing would happen. In that case, R was togg
  5. I uninstalled the game and manually deleted the remaining files (backing up saves and such elsewhere, of course). On a fresh install I used CKAN to install KIS/KAS (and the module manager came along as well). I started a new sanbox game and the same problem occurred. I can drop the items, but can't ever pick them up again, nor can I attach or detach items. :-( I opened up the debug console, but no new messages were shown as I (uselessly) clicked around.
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this (it's my first post). I'm finally trying out KIS/KAS and running into an odd problem. Prior to the last update I had an issue where I couldn't equip anything. If I tried, I'd see the item go into my Kerbal's hand, but it wouldn't register as equipped. If I pessed he key again, a duplicate item would appear in hand and the one that had been in hand was left behind and persisted there (on the surface) or drifted away (in space). After updating to KAS 0.5.7 and KIS 1.2.9 I don't see that anymore, but instead I can't seem to actually manipulat
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