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  1. got it, btw any plan for strategic ballistic weapons? DF 5B,11B,21,21D,41 etc.
  2. i am felling sick to use your mod. everything is working perfectly besides ZTZ-15 turret is not shooting projectiles properly only sound effect but no actual explosion on target. ps. T99A2's gun not working properly as well.
  3. fantastic mod which combined with chinese weapon pack to create J20 in the game. hopefully J20's bomber bay part will coming soon
  4. Still not working i have a plain ksp installed and only this mod added and it still not working neither on 64bit and 32bit.
  5. i hope i am doing wrong but it's not working on 1.1.2, might be some mods conflict, still trying BTW i just test it on clean 1.1.2 which still not working
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