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  1. Changelog v1.2.1 -reorganized file structure -added JSI Camera Selector to SSTU parts -included version file Thanks for the tips and info. Still learning how to do all this so I appreciate the help and feedback.
  2. The .DS_Store files are created automatically. I can't seem to prevent them. Any ideas? And the _MACOSX file I'm unaware of. Where is it? Thanks for the info. Thanks for bringing this up. I developed this for RO/RSS gameplay and forgot that SSTU doesn't automatically add the camera like in RO. I'll take of that shortly.
  3. I don't see the app launcher icon in the VAB for some reason. I'll try to reinstall.
  4. This is my first experience with this mod so I'm still learning it. I can't seem to figure out how to spawn at the launch pads. When I hit make launch site option when editing the pads I don't end up spawning there.
  5. Update v1.1 Changelog Released on 2016-08-11 -added SSTULabs compatablility -fixed restricted tracking angle-accidently set to false and now reset to true -added README.txt file
  6. About This Mod This is a small MM patch that integrates JSI Radar and JSI External Camera from RPM into all of the stock docking ports. I love RPM and the features it provides, but always wished the external camera viewer was integrated directly into the docking ports. I then discovered the JSI Radar feature when I used the FASA Gemini RPM IVA from Flight Systems Redux and just loved it. I decided to integrate both the radar and the camera into the stock docking ports so that no extra parts were needed with the added advantage that they'll always be centered. Dependencies: Module Manager Raster Prop Monitor Recommended: SSTULabs-added compatibility with SSTU Command Pods and docking ports License: GPLv3 Download: -GitHub -Spacedock Installation: Extract "JSI Docking Ports" folder from ZIP file and copy it into your Gamedata folder. Enjoy!!
  7. Would definitley love to see your versions of Mercury/Atlas and Gemini/Titan!!
  8. Jmullin

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    Not sure if I messed up installation or if it's a bug with other mods but my craft can seem to fire engines after they've docked with another craft. I get the vapor in feed lines issues even though I have a pressurized tank. I use RCS as ullage and I still can't fire the engine with plenty of ignitions left. Any ideas?
  9. Just got a weird bug with TG-T2 Wheel block where whenever the wheels made contact with the ground the physics freaked out and sent the truck as a whole flying. Only when the wheels touched the surface though. I have the the most recent download of the mod and I have KSP 1.1.2. Any thoughts?