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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked, but I'm pretty confused here. I'm on a heavily modded career playthrough with KSP 1.3.1 - and I have TextureReplacerReplaced installed. It said that that mod was replacing this one, but now I'm seeing this one is updated for later versions of KSP. I'm assuming I should be using the one I have already, but am I wrong? Should I be using this one instead? I've got Astronomer's Visual Pack installed, and I'd love to also use suit stuff from @overkill13 as well, but that says it's for the future version as well. I'm gonna assume at this point that I really cannot use updated mods anymore, but at the same time now, I'm getting absolutely no ground textures for Eve -- and I'm just all confused whether it's got something to do with Texture replacer now. Ugh. Thank you for your time... anyone. Is this version of Texture Replacer good to use with KSP 1.3.1, or should I be sticking with Texture Replacer Replaced? Would any of this have to do with having no textures on Eve? [EDIT] I've found the solution. I had AT_Utils updated to 1.6.2, and it should have been 1.6.0. I downgraded it.
  2. Okay, now that this UI factor is in the game, I can see that my productivity is actually quite poor, and after looking into my staff, it seems that the two engineers that are on the base have 80% stupidity. --- I'll cycle new crew to this base and try again. - In the meantime, is there any way to train these kerbals to be less stupid, aside from modifying save files (which I refuse to do for any other purpose than bug mitigation or naming kerbals in game for the video series) - Charlie
  3. I have two engineers though, both stationed in the module with EL survey station installed, and my productivity is above 0. Wouldn't there at least be some sort of progress made here? I'll read the manual as instructed, but it seems to me with my modules having productivity above 0, and their being 6 Kerbal at this station including two Engineers, there would be at least some progress on this construction. Edit: also I'll update the mod to 5.7.3 - since this update has been released.
  4. Trying to get this to work, but I'm running out of options to try out... and by running out, I mean I've exhausted everything I can think of. It's a really heavily modded game, but I've not experienced a total "mod doesn't work at all" yet in the campaign aside from this. My mod list is here: Here's the details. I hope you can shed some light on what I'm missing here: output_log.txt:!ZGQgUBQS!1z4WG3LWC1oVDIbjDS5Z85tRS_pR8Ld-fKwBGn7wcic KSP Version: 1.2.2 EL version: 5.7.1 Installed via: CKAN I'm using this mod with MKS, and I've tried to create a craft from my VAB design here at the Minmus base I have. The Pioneer module has an EL Survey station in it, and should be capable of producing a craft on the surface, as supported by both text in game, as well as this documentation here: As you can see by the attached screenshot, my survey stake is very close to the base. I have numerous Kerbals on board this vessel, including two decent engineers, two pilots, and a couple others with various other roles. I have all of the supplies I should need to produce this craft from the VAB, and meet all resource requirements. However, upon attempting to build it, my Kerbal Alarm Clock goes off immediately telling me the craft was completed - despite the EL window clearly showing me 0% and 0s remaining. I cannot get this mod to build anything, whether it's this craft or another. It's just not working. Screenshot:!wPpwkCyR!dOmPH5jeGcrXOLxPoxfBQBIV5eHwByZbGbMLAzBHxmM My entire series/mission being produced depends on this mod functioning. I hope I'm missing something simple here, but I've put 3 hours into trying various things from dismantling and replacing stakes, to placing 4 stakes in a square, to changing the crew, changing the craft, changing the craft's design source (VAB or SPH), etc. There's nothing I can do to get this to work. I recently booted up the game and tried to build it, and then shut the game off. I was hoping this would reduce the amount of irrelevant data in the log. I appreciate any help you have to give. Thank you for your time. - Charlie EDIT: Important clarification I forgot to mention: My productivity is 0.3, hence, above 0.
  5. @blowfish Mentioned not knowing how the DRE patch should work in my thread over there. Perhaps you two can talk.
  6. Pretty sure your legacy parts got forgotten about in terms of the Deadly Reentry patch. I've got this going on: This occurs with a craft made almost entirely of the S2 parts and the SH and SW wings. Log is linked in that post there.
  7. Yeah I know. The main NRE I'm trying to diagnose doesn't appear to be related to DRE though, but it comes up EVERY single craft, even new ones, regardless of how many parts or where they are, and regardless of even them being brand new. A single probe core on the launchpad throws hundreds per minute. Deleting parts until I track that down might be all I can do. - I have 4 KSP folders, all pretty much copies, as well as a separate backup of my save folder... so I just gotta take the likely insane amount of time required to do it and track it down. The biggest problem with deleting parts though isn't so much the crafts being deleted, as much as it is the entire career being corrupted entirely because the parts were somehow associated with potential contracts. UGH. KSP... I don't know how you modders do this stuff, but I admire your dedication to solving problems. I'm sure this stuff I have to do is just a small taste of that,
  8. It's very likely the SH Wings and the SW wing tip, or the S2 Spaceplane parts in general. Those parts are in the legacy folder, and they are a part of my latest spaceplane in the series. Pretty much this plane is exclusivly B9 parts. So I'll start there. - I believe this was happening before though, when only my space station was loaded without the plane being there in the scene - and if that is the case.... well this might come down to RCS thrusters or something, IDK. It'll be a chore to track it down... and that still, even when solved, doesn't solve the worse NRE problem I have. Damn.
  9. I've used that before, and it doesn't show any new information. I have the latest version of B9, so long as the latest version is the same as the one up to date in CKAN. That's all I know there. - I do also have the "Legacy" parts active as well, because I wanted them. If those are the problem, I can attempt to remove them, but I don't know if it will break any current crafts, or more seriously, whether it will ruin my save from contracts being generated for those parts (which I assume that a "test" contract may happen for parts from the mods).
  10. I have it fully updated within CKAN, B9 I mean. I suppose I'd have to bring it up to them, but honestly I don't really expect much for results there. Besides, there's a much larger NullReferenceException going on in this game right now anyways that has no label and no apparently mod name attached to it anyways... which is driving me completely insane. Hundreds per minute. Playing KSP for 45 minutes makes my log over 140MB... is it possible this is linked to that at all?
  11. I'm getting this spammed in my log, and it's absolutely killing my frame rates. Any ideas? Here's the Log file
  12. If I'm getting this spammed in my log, even though I don't have any of the parts for Deadly Reentry installed on that craft, what do I do? Here's the log.
  13. Temporary Workaround for those that use tenkeyless keyboards: Software keyboard in Windows. The On-Screen keyboard can be access in the Ease of Use settings in Windows 10, and there is a toggle there to turn on the keypad within this as well.
  14. Yeah a standard tenkeyless PC keyboard doesn't have a Fn key I don't have any idea how using a Fn key is going to help with this mod requires keys specifically on a keypad, nor am I going to buy some bulky accessory to use a single mod in KSP. Honestly, speaking with zero coding experience here however, the ability to rebind a key isn't difficult to do, but an even easier answer would have been to bind it to a key that everyone has in the first place... like F keys, or Mod+number (instead of keypad number). It's just silly... at the VERY minimum, an "X" on the window to close the damn thing. I cannot use this mod while it shows 100% of the time, especially as a YouTuber. No thanks until its usable without a numberpad.
  15. I'm curious as to whether or not RealChute is causing this error I keep seeing. This is an image of what Exception Detector sees, and this number just keep rising, and fast. My log is flooded with the following message every single time I have a craft is loaded. Here is a past log. No real changes from this one exist in new logs either. Because it's trying to "get mass" with this, and I see "DragCubeSystem" in there, I thought that maybe this mod would have something to do with it. It's really lagging out my game, and RAM usage moves up to as much as 15GB sometimes. Granted, I do have a lot of mods installed, but still. I've posted in numerous places on these forums with different context for each place because this is driving me nuts and I'd love to solve it, or to have somebody far more knowledgeable at least give that one clue that sets me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your time