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  1. I thought I'd try, and here's the result: It's all stock, apart from Kerbalism supplies in the cargo bay. To fly it: On launch, turn throttle down to about 75%. When the ET fuel is around 1/6th, you have to keep pitching down to keep the CoM and CoT in line. Activating the orbiter engine and thrust limiting the Vector to about 50% helps to stabilize it. In the atmosphere, the orbiter needs to be rotated in small taps or it may spin out of control. (All credit for the probe core idea goes to Kerbal Space Command's amazing spaceplane videos) Craft file:
  2. Uploaded, save is called Turn 20 endomen. I had to go over the part limit a bit: 2 drills with RCS sent up, they can undock, turn and redock depending on the shape of the asteroid. (they couldn't have been controllable otherwise) And, we need radiators. The drills heat up so fast.
  3. Finished (added cupola and reaction wheel to kerbin station), file is Turn 13.
  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but it would be quite cool if Kerbal scientists had an option to become specialised in a certain science at a certain level, or in science mode. For example: a scientist could become a geologist: less science from space, but much more from surface samples/reports, or physicists who get much more data from siesmometers, gravioli detectors and thermometers.
  5. This worked. Now I can get back to launching rockets again! Thanks!
  6. I have the Steam version of KSP, and the loading bar shows up, but stuck at halfway and with no parts showing.I have tried this on both x32 and x64 (my PC is x64). Thanks!
  7. Here it is: Kuiseppe used to own a military airstrip, and owned some aircraft. However, the need for military aircraft shrank, so the airstrip was shut down, and the 2 remaining planes -a bomber and a fighter- were moved to a private hangar. He was getting bored and wanted to bring new life to the old, decaying aircraft, so he took apart his fighter and stripped down his bomber, and, using parts from the aircraft, made a telescope. He used the bomb bay as a place to store it.
  8. Stock Chatterer and more surface experiments, like ones that require multiple Kerbals to use.. Right now, there is no real reason for a colony or station (besides refuelling) as all the experiments could be done with 1 small lander/orbiter.
  9. The G-tolerance is in 1.2 (as said a lot), but they should stop Kerbals surviving falling from orbit.
  10. A system where you could take pictures of things and then pick out interesting things in them would be good. A system where in career mode, returned surface samples were kept and could be analysed further as you upgrade R&D could also be useful as a longer term experiment, as the samples from Apollo are still being studied today. And ScanSat should be made stock.
  11. Nice mod! Will use it for my Duna colony and ship. Will this be updated for 1.2?
  12. There is a bug I keep stumbling across after launching something into orbit, then going back to the VAB The tools and VAB sidebar disappear and reappear, but the part sprites stay. Image of bug: http://imgur.com/a/ILYew Mods: UKS, ColorCodedCanisters, Firespitter (core), FTP, InterstellarFuelSwitch, RasterPropMonitor, KER, KIS, AVC, InfernalRobotics+rework, MechJeb, MRS, DPAI, NearFutureSolar, Phoenix Industries MAV, PlanetShine, ProceduralFairings, RCS Build Aid, RealChute, Station Science, Tarsier Space Tech, Trajectories, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Tundra Exploration and TweakSc
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