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  1. Thanks so much for this mod guys!!! I sent you a donation as a small token of my thanks!!!
  2. Hey guys I have a suggestion that's free lol. Anywho I would imagine lots of folks take this fantastic mod (fans cheer) and rescales SSRSS to match there playing expertise level using Sigma Dimemsions. That said, I suggest perhaps a set of "benchmark" config files that can be helpful for many kerbonauts. It would enable you devs a benchmark for testing during development and also helpful for new kerbonauts to choose common popular rescale sizes. This would reduce the "problems" for everyone. Perhaps those benchmarks for example would be X2, X5, 64k and RSS size. This would put a lot of people on the same page. Thanks for considering
  3. Hi Badrobit...if I may suggest this thought...are the clouds really there and they are rendering under the ground due to resizing like with Sigma. Perhaps try changing the altitude of one single cloud layer to say 70000 or like a high altitude. Reload KSP n see if they show up. If that works then it's just a matter of setting cloud altitudes to a altitude of your choice. Hope that helps as I experienced that one before Do this in the atmosphere config where the cloud layers are
  4. Styckx I had something similar happen to me once. The ocean was flickering close to the shoreline and overlapping some. The alt+f10 reload ocean didn't resolve it neither. I got it to clear up by deleting the cache files and the module cache and reloaded KSP. It cleared it up once everything reloaded. It may be worth a try
  5. Duckyb4

    Sigma Dimensions

    I figured out why FAR wasn't working right, it was a separate mod that was conflicting and had nothing to do with Sigma Dimemsions. Thanks Sigma88 for pointing me to a different direction
  6. Captain Kerbin well said....I agree this mod is absolutely fantastic!! Hey sDaZe if you and Berlin setup donation links I know I will contribute to your caffeine additions...Just sayin.....Wonderful mod guys
  7. Duckyb4

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    Okay cool thank you OhioBob that is super helpful for me. I am definitely going to give this a go !!
  8. Duckyb4

    Sigma Dimensions

    Thanks Sigma88 for confirming that is helpful. It's one less place to look to figure out why I am getting this result
  9. Duckyb4

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    Awesome OhioBob definitely going to give this a go I am playing with a rescale using Sigma88's SD. Using RA will it rescale to say atmosphere of 140KM, or will RA's config need to be edited to accommodate the 140KM atmosphere altitude? Thanks
  10. Duckyb4

    Sigma Dimensions

    Thanks Sigma88, this is the SD config values I am using. This is being applied to the SSRSS mod and rescaled to a 64K size. Just the FAR dropping out on some craft and when that happens there is no Reynolds numbers or drag ect. Resize = 0.64 Rescale = 0.64 Atmosphere = 0.70 dayLengthMultiplier = 1} // Advanced Settings @SigmaDimensions { geeASLmultiplier = 1 landscape = 2 atmoVisualEffect = 1 resizeScatter = 1 CustomSoISize = 0 CustomRingSize = 0 atmoASL = 1 tempASL = 1 }
  11. Duckyb4

    Sigma Dimensions

    Great mod and is definitely essential !! Gotta question guys...I am having a problem that FAR doesn't always generate Reynolds numbers for some crafts I make. Of course this causes no drag or aerodynamics on the craft during launch or reentry. I couldn't find anything on Ferram's forum to help me isolate this issue, and I was wondering if changing the dimensions can cause this like a atmosphere issue or something? I've done a fresh install with minimal supporting mods for testing and I can't figure out what may be causing this random issue. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated Windows 7 64bit.
  12. Happy to see you are playing your mod sDaZe
  13. Okay thanks Berlin I will give them a try .....You guys are awesome!!! Thanks so much for making this mod it has made KSP much more fun
  14. Okay thanks so much I will try 0.64 and play around with it sDaZe you are the best!! That did the trick. I tried the 0.64 and it greatly reduced the halo. I put the setting back to 0.1 and it totally disappeared. If I may ask...what is the difference of the optional RSS textures you included in the download?
  15. Okay guys I finally got some time to do a fresh install when I got home from work today. Stock game with no other mods installed except only for SSRSS and these are the results. Everything stock with SSRSS all looks absolutely fantastic! However, what I am trying to do is use Sigma to make SSRSS the size of 64k scale. That is when this anomaly appears and the result is the same in map view and in the game. I am using the latest Sigma version. It doesn't show up until you start getting closer to the planet and gets the larger glow ring the closer you get. It also appears and disappears depending on the angle of the view in relation to the sun in map view. With the sun behind you with planet in full shine you get the ring all the way around the planet. If you are viewing from the dark side of the planet the ring totally disappears. This only appears with planets with an atmosphere, with the exception that Earth does not have this ring in game or in map view. Here is a snap shot of the settings.cfg file located in the root GameData folder I am editing to 64k scale. Any idea what I am doing wrong or.... thanks for any help I love this mod!!! BTW, using a previous version of SSRSS I was able to achieve this goal with out any problems I am having now. I wanted to get the latest update of SSRSS to get the better planet surface textures to explore. Those pics of the moon and Mars are absolutely stunning. Also, the atmosphere setting of 1.64 in the config gives an altitude of 142 km which is around what I was looking for as I believe that simulates more accurately in my opinion. Thanks