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  1. why no lord and saviour philip chapman in skylab
  2. The Lyra Program - Minichapter 2: Hermes and something else For all effective purposes, I skipped crux 10 to get to the cool stuff. The MLAV Begins its EDL Process Mission Control is full of anxiety "Turms has Landed" Now we have MASARE Orbital Insertion Now after Crux 10 (which i forgot to screenshot), comes the De-orbiting of Crux 8 Re-entry Thanks for reading, Its just to give you guys some content, Chapter 12 will be on 26/12/20 (AEDT)
  3. The Lyra Program - Chapter 11: Moon or Bust! (p2) As the date to Crux-9 came closer, Tests of the Gojira began, Shortly after the announcement, Hopper1 went up 140m and before Crux 9, GN8 launches to 12km "GN8 has landed, Congrats to the team at TundraX, Next Stop 80km" Now Altair 1 is on the pad, Ready to perform an apollo 10 Like mission Now Crux-9 Launches Altair 1 begins its descent to a simulated abort situation, at 6km CDR Ralph Cook and PLT Kathryn Hicks will trigger the abort motor and l
  4. The Lyra Program - Chapter 10: Moon or Bust! (p1) A Ghidorah 9 gets ready to Launch the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter 2 (LRO2) after LRO1's cameras failed due to an electrical short Ghidorah 9 Flight 29 Lifts off LC-40. Right after this flight, A TundraX Press Conference has been called due to "Future Plans" "Systems are Nominal." EOI. At the press conference, A new fully reusable Ship was unveiled by Charles Nussk, Owner of TundraX. Its name was.... Gojira, It had a basic timeline looking like this 2020 - Suborbital Hops 2021 - Cargo V
  5. The Lyra Program - Mini-chapter 1: Hermes The day has come, The Mars Lander, Turms will be launched for the Hermes Sample-return Mission, Turms is the Etruscan equivalent to Hermes, Making it a suitable name for the Lander "Liftoff of Turms." "Athena V is nominal", The Launching of Hermes also moved forward the date of the Crewed Mars Landing to 2026 and the Flyby Mission in 2024 with Recent Development, Crew Prospecting has also begun with a Group of Candidates getting picked for The Ares Program, Stage Seperation Nominal No EOI Screenies
  6. (Just to note, Crux 3 - 6 were skipped for time problems and screenie problems, it is now 2018 and JUPO2 exists for info) The Lyra Program - Chapter 9 The Athena V towers the pad once again, Getting ready to launch 2 new ISS Modules, The USHab Module and The iSci Module This is the first Operational flight of the Athena V after V-Y EDS The Modules have been stacked for launch convenience Docking USHab Docked iSci 46 Days later is the launch of Crux-7 with Commander Mark Jacobs Crux 7 is d
  7. The Lyra Program - Chapter 8: Athena and Bagorah This will be an Extended Chapter and Will Feature a Few cool Missions (story time) In 2008, A Company known as Blue Origin springs up with a goal of Suborbital Tourism using the New Grissom Launch Vehicle, In 2014 they unveiled their plans for an Orbital Launch Vehicle, New Borman which will be a HLV. The Year is now 2015 and New Grissom is ready to launch... Flight 1 will be unmanned for the sakes of testing, However flight 4 will be crewed, The also other thing excluded is First Stage Recovery, Flight 2 will
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