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  1. I have a launch place..... its in australia or go to a remote location set up a launch site boom done the Australian is called the woomera test range go buy for a launch area to be built for your company
  2. I would like my Sat Alias to be launched by early 2018
  3. #LDTSP Failed
  4. Can I have my sat Alias launched it is a like a worldview sat it is in development
  5. (Quick thing Ultra Locus means beyond space in Latin) Ultra Locus Technologies We provide launch services so far we only do suborbital flights Our first rocket Ultra I Rocket is a Test Rocket Launch windows are 11 days long To have a Probe/thingy launched Message me These are the rules -You must have tested your thingy -You must have the system finished by the deadline -Do not spam my message box That's it LDTSP Launch vid We have made a new rocket A Minuteman derived rocket name unknown either Ultra II for hourman Has been built test launch is soon New rocket-RTV RTV-1 is currently being launched at time of edit please pm me for your thingy to be launched
  6. It is Suspected to be R-27 derived and its hypergolic and I am99.9% sure it's an R-27
  7. I have started an alternate kerbal universe soon to be replicated in game

  8. Study more what's it derived from its first stage is a Hwasong 12 it is just a Hawsong-12 but an extra stage Here are possible fuels- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unsymmetrical_dimethylhydrazine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_fuming_nitric_acid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinitrogen_tetroxide
  9. Cool Thx so Just so you know the 3rd stage was smaller and was fitted in the sat
  10. Hi in 1967 Australia launched their first sat WRESAT now I challenge you to build wiki page-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparta_(rocket) only mod FASA if you do want to use FASA ask me ( note-Third stage was in wresat)
  11. Craft file
  12. craft files