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  1. Is there a way to patch all parts from a mod? I'm just looking to increase the wing area of all things with wing area from a certain mod
  2. Oh man! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that lovely big Nexus booster
  3. Awesome! Looking forward to getting my hands on this It's an awesome mod I've loved in the past!
  4. Hi I'm wondering how I can make a radiator / engine heat work well with this mod. My issue is coming from a multi mode engine that I'm modding. Out of atmosphere radiators anywhere on the craft are able to deal with excess core heat that the engines produce. But while in atmosphere I've only ever been able to get radiators that are surface attached to the engine being able to handle the core heat from the engine. And even when I do use them the radiators still explode in atmosphere at high air speeds even though the radiators should be far more than able to handle the thermal load even without the convection bonus that they get while in atmosphere.
  5. Oh man! just did a mission to lili and I must say it's by far the most awesome thing I've ever done in KSP! It's just an amazing moon for landing on and exploring! The views are fantastic XD
  6. Ah thank you! I still feel there should be an option to vote for it as a difficulty setting though considering what other options are on the poll with the vote option of a difficulty selection. And I feel there's probably a lot of people who would want to make sure that life support is just optional.
  7. Where was it confirmed as a feature? As I somehow missed that.
  8. I feel the poll is biased as there isn't an option for no life support or having life support as a difficulty setting
  9. The thing is for interstellar journeys you don't need a sci fi drive. There's a lot of real world drives entirely able to get you up to significant fractions of the speed of light. The Orion drive is one of them with very high ISP and TWR which is capable of interstellar trips in it's more high end variants. And rreal proposed fusion drives are also able to do the job like the Daedalus we see in the trailer. You don't need an Epstein drive to go interstellar or even have a torch ship. Another very kerbal option is the Nuclear Salt Water Rocket which is just a continuously detonating orion drive giving massive TWR and ISP as well allowing you to make real life torch ships.
  10. Honestly I don't mind metalic hydrogen. It gives a good middle ground gameplay wise and it is something that is at least well theorized. Admittedly it's not yet proven to be possible or even fully understood but it fits very well with the gameplay and is at least passingly realistic. Personally I would have issues with an Epstein drive being in the game due to how blatantly unrealistic it is. As the problem with the epstein drive comes from the very nature of the drive with how much energy it needs to be producing to have so much thrust and exhaust velocity. While at least for metallic hydrogen all it needs to worry about is whether or not the fuel is really possible. It seems to be in some tests and that's more or less good enough for me considering it's gameplay role. While the epstein drive is scientifically impossible.
  11. As I said it looks great and it makes a fair bit amount of sense just reusing the part to lift it off of the heat shield. It just isn't as efficient as it could be which isn't a problem Also I have no idea if this is even something that you can fix but for some reason KSPI has a cryotank mm patch and it messes up the Nexus' fuel tank removing the oxygen tank and making it just a single resource tank with hydrogen and other fluids from KSPI. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem on your end as I wasn't able to figure out how to get around it myself messing with the CFG file but it doesn't seem to be a problem with other hydrolox tanks for some reason. But I also don't really know at this point which of my mods add in stock hydrolox tanks with all the modular fuel tank like stuff I have
  12. Considering how they said that you can just completely forget about a colony and move on and the colony will still be perfectly fine when you come back to it I assume that means the population only goes up and never down. Which also makes sense with how they have the population increase due to you doing cool / impressive things in and around the colony from that article.
  13. Honestly I would prefer it if the game came without life support built in. Or at least there really needs to be an option to disable it. As while it is a neat feature but part of the charm of KSP in my opinion is how simplified it is. Which lets you get away with all sorts of fun and silly things like command chair only spacecraft. And I feel people should be free to use that game play style if they want to instead of needing to add in living space and life support parts.
  14. Yeah comfy landing automatically triggers retro rockets which should come in handy for this mod The fairings look great so far Espicially like the Nexus stage fairing but I was more expecting it to be more directly on the heat shield instead of on top of the interstage. I mean it makes sense in retrospect but still I would have thought a fairing on the first stage wouldn't need the interstage /shrug
  15. That's really neat! Also @JadeOfMaar Are you planning on converting OPT to KSP2? As having these amazing spaceplane parts in KSP 2 would be fantastic even if it takes a while for them to show up.
  16. Yeah I think that'll be easy enough to fix and should resolve the problem of the releases number invalidating the cfg file path Also you might want to look into integrating or at least adding compatability with this mod and the retro rockets on the first stage as that's pretty much exactly what the mod is intended to help with
  17. That works for me. You could also just include it in an upper level file called extras. Like at the same level as game data.
  18. Awesome More just interested in real world performance while still being kerbal. Basically just the real world DeltaV and performance without any of the annoying real life problems
  19. No shoo! Real scale is best XD Like seriously realistic numbers on these huge launch vehicles are my favorite part. I was massively disappointed in the old Nexus and never ended up using it as kerbalizing it makes it so disappointing and small Or at least make sure to include an easy to get to realism mm patch as realistic sized / capacity super massive launch vehicles are by far the most fun
  20. First proper mission making use of the fantastic heavy lift ability Containing 6 orbital relays for positioning in extremely high orbits 3 polar and 3 equatorial and 3 different landers. Each of them within their own radia hanger. Payload totaled around 100,000 - 150,000kg and the uperstage STILL has over 20,000 m/s of delta V using the high thrust mode
  21. It's a real neat mod but can it be applied to only 1 part in a mod? As it seems like it's a universal change to the collision mechanics?
  22. Looking forward to the tuning! Also the Nexus tank and heat shield cost 0 dollars when emptied of all resources which I don't think is quite correct Mind you them being so affordable is nice and I don't think your quite at the cost balancing phase yet.
  23. Yeah sadly there isn't really any good system in KSP for crushable structure other than to make it have massive crash tolerance. And then if you do a water landing you need to have every part have massive crash tolerance or the whole thing implodes
  24. That bigness and drag is why I mentioned the first stage needing a fairing As it is designed as an SSTO even without a second stage. As things are though it's obsenely draggy to the point of killing SSTO abilities. As for adding more solid rocket fuel that's a decent idea. I would say you can probably leave the retro rockets as is and just boost the impact tolarence to like 75 or 65 m/s as that's enough to cut it. And I mean the Sea Dragon was designed for like a 100+ m/s impact and it's an equally huge rocket