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  1. 4 hours ago, TiktaalikDreaming said:

    Oh.  How did I never spot that? (Spoiler alert: rotational symmetry is the answer)  I'll take a look.  Thanks.


    OK, the control rocket nodes doubled up around 16, with 23 at 16, and then 17-24 being off.  Fixed.

    I'm not entirely clear what was going on with the shell attach nodes.  In Unity you can't see more than one transform at a time generally, and each of those were child objects to their own centrally located empty transform.  I suspect something with the stacking of transforms, because I changed the hierarchy to better step through them to see what was out of place, and then they weren't out of place.  I've had transforms not apply before from Unity, so it may have just been too many stacked layers of transforms.


    And... imgur isn't currently letting me upload images.


    Actually, the Beta won't... why was I on the beta?  Anyway, in game;




    It's syncy synced on github, this file is the only one that changed  https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/blob/master/GameData/Nexus/Parts/Tank/NewModel.mu

    I'll sort out updating the release shortly.



    No problem man!  I was able to fix from just getting the previous version of the model file you had posted.  That one had no issues with nodes overlapping.

  2. On 9/27/2020 at 8:38 AM, TheDarkBadger said:

    Just had a look back at the previous versions, seems that a previous version of KSP broke that feature a while ago, back when it was managed by MOARdv. I'll see if i can track down what broke and and see if i can fix it



    Ok, seems that this feature does work - at least on my test build for the newest version of KSP. Could you check your settings?

    Yep I have those settings set.  But still when I'm out of physics range it just renders as a white dot.  I think I recall at one point this was caused by mod added parts...?

  3. 6 minutes ago, JadeOfMaar said:

    @captinjoehenry I assume that means some parts you use have been invalidated by Restock's blacklist. Screenshot the window that lists these parts and I may be able to help identify them so you can alert the devs who own them.

    No.  I mean OPT K fussalages.  The cutaway works perfectly on newly placed ones.  But when I load my craft from before installing restock the OPT K parts don't get any cutaways on them

    Left is newly placed hull.  Right is the one that was placed before installing the mod


    I can though move the previously placed engines onto a newly placed hull piece and the engines work fine.  It's just an issue with the old placed hull pieces.  As a side note this whole install is only a few days old and all on the current version of KSP

  4. Just now, JadeOfMaar said:

    @captinjoehenry The engines aren't configured to use the standalone DepthMask mod, but only when Restock is installed the cutaway works... I really didn't think many people would be using the standalone so I'll actually fix that. Note that the intake animation only works with the first intake toggle. It doesn't work with the second (which typically exists because of the part having an intake module each for IntakeAir and IntakeAtm).

    Good news and bad news.  It works and looks beautifully!  BUT it requires new hull parts to be placed.  Which means I sort of need to entirely rebuild my space plane :(

  5. 1 hour ago, JadeOfMaar said:

    They fit just fine on the K fuselage. However, their cutaway effect requires Restock's DepthMask module. If you have Restock then the shader is malfunctioning and you may have to restart KSP. The intake shutter animation requires B9 Animation Modules. This plugin will also enable the intake animation in the Helicarrier engine, the 2.5m Nebula Shock intake, the MARGE and Valkyrie Tilt, and the Bubble engine. You will also see most or all of these intakes close themselves depending on your speed in atmo, like Skylon's intake does.

    I've installed the depth mask module and b9 animation module from:

    But the engines still aren't doing the cutaway effect.  And the top flaps of the engines don't animate.  The bottom ones do move though.  Just can't see it due to the lack of cutaway.  Not sure what's wrong as I've installed the manually the usual way 


  6. 11 hours ago, NHunter said:

    I'm assuming, you're talking about MARGE VTOL warpjets (the big, boxy ones). Their closed cycle mode is designed to function like an ion VASIMR engine (low thrust and reasonably high ISP that can be adjusted for even lower thrust with higher ISP) with stored intakeAtm used as propellant. And given what you're saying, it looks like you're trying to run them closed-cycle while in atmoshpere - you need to use open cycle more as long as you have enough air around. MARGEs in open cycle should have something like 400 kN at standstill and ~850 kN once they gets going.

    [once I'm back home and can access KSP, I'll drop a few pics of my J-body spaceplane which uses MARGEs for in-atmosphere flight - KER readouts included]

    No I'm talking about the OPT-E WarpJet FVT-J.  The one that you place on the fuselage and ends up merging with it. 

    And they are a bit too thin to show up properly on K class fuselage.

    Those two flaps on the top never seem to close even when I close the intakes


    And on the bottom the exhaust shields are merged into the hull so far that you can't see if it's open or closed without highlighting it



  7. Love this mod!  But there are some oddities about the warp saddle vto jets.  They have open and closed mode but the closed mode still use intake air.  And their thrust is rather low espicially at sea level making it real hard for them to actually allow vtol operations.

    Cosmetically the intake flaps on the top of the engines do not move when opening or closing them.

  8. Hi I'm wondering how I can make a radiator / engine heat work well with this mod.  My issue is coming from a multi mode engine that I'm modding.  Out of atmosphere radiators anywhere on the craft are able to deal with excess core heat that the engines produce.  But while in atmosphere I've only ever been able to get radiators that are surface attached to the engine being able to handle the core heat from the engine.  And even when I do use them the radiators still explode in atmosphere at high air speeds even though the radiators should be far more than able to handle the thermal load even without the convection bonus that they get while in atmosphere.

  9. The thing is for interstellar journeys you don't need a sci fi drive.  There's a lot of real world drives entirely able to get you up to significant fractions of the speed of light.  The Orion drive is one of them with very high ISP and TWR which is capable of interstellar trips in it's more high end variants.  And rreal proposed fusion drives are also able to do the job like the Daedalus we see in the trailer.  You don't need an Epstein drive to go interstellar or even have a torch ship.  Another very kerbal option is the Nuclear Salt Water Rocket which is just a continuously detonating orion drive giving massive TWR and ISP as well allowing you to make real life torch ships.

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