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  1. What I want to do is use the pebble bed reactor with the thermal turbo in the atmosphere and then switch to the gas core when I am in space idealy with only one thermal turbojet
  2. Ok but is there a way to get power from the pebble bed reactor in atmosphere and the gas core once I am in orbit so I can use the thermal turbo jet in a ssto?
  3. Yep I use the same exact vehicle with just the pebble bed swapped out for the gas core. That has a shock cone intake and a B9 pre cooler. It runs like a dream with the pebble bed but does nothing at all with the gas core
  4. Yes I know and all of them made sense other than the gas core reactor which in its description says it works excellently with thermal engines but when I put a thermal engine on it I get almost no power.
  5. Ok another question. Is the gas core nuclear reactor supposed to work with thermal engines as it does not provide any real amount of thrust. In fact the pebble bed reactor works far far better than the gas core reactor in all situations including power generation. Also other reactors do not really provide any amount of thrust to the thermal engines. They do provide a small amount though in the single digit kilo newton range.
  6. Also is there anyway to get some sound on the thermal turbojet? I love it but it does not make any sound and that is a bummer.
  7. Ok how do I use the Anthraquinone Process? I have a tank full of water and an ISRU and the option to use it is greyed out. I am in career mode so do I need some tech to do it? I also tested it in sandbox mode and I can't use the Anthraquinone Process still