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  1. Are there plans for this mod pack to implement the new features of the Breaking Ground DLC? The surface science stuff?
  2. One thing to bear in mind is if you are docking two large ships together you need to be docking at super low speed and alignment. Rotation isn't that important but you need to have really low closing speeds and good alignment, other than rotation, to dock the really large ships together.
  3. Well I have the latest version of my Artemis SSTO science plane. It uses some personally made parts that act as realscale scramjets / closed cycle gas core nuclear rockets.
  4. I would guess it probably has to do with the fact that I use the stutter reduction mod and shove another 4 gigs of heap space into KSP. As it is I do have 32gb of ram but KSP uses like 16 gigs just idle with all the mods I have so I would assume it's a ram issue. And I can have KSP running all day long as long as I close and relaunch it often enough.
  5. Oh just so you know I still have BSOD when using directx 11 even after updating my graphics card driver and clearing out all old drivers I no longer need. As it is the BSOD only happens after having KSP open for I think over 5 or so hours. If I close and relaunch KSP it’s fine but if I have it on continually for over five hours I get a BSOD
  6. Well... I'm no modeler or anything. But I could fairly easily make a version of this with any stock part you want having the ablator filler and then just have the MM patch only apply the storage and ablator module to the rest of the parts.
  7. @JadeOfMaar Is there anyreason the IVA view of the K space plane cockpit is so busted? I'm asking as when I last used OPT when it was fully supported the K class space plane cockpit was fully functional and everything. Derp I didn't have the IVA mods installed ._.
  8. Is this still being developed? As I do rather enjoy it
  9. Yep it works just fine in 1.7
  10. @123nick I don't know about the details but the NFT engines seem to have same stats as normal when running with KSPIE. But KSPIE adds such massively strong radiators that it becomes sort of trivial to cool these engines.
  11. Thanks! As it is though I need to single stack struts and I have bug where only the top right corner of the items in KIS actually show up making it a massive loveing pain in the butt to work with struts so I'll just stick with tresses
  12. Yeah I just ended up using a truss. As the SEP parts other than the command station I think don't allow surface attachment
  13. @GregroxMun I would recommend getting KSPI. I don't use much from it other than the radiators and with a good portion of the tech tree done 4 skin 2.5m radaitors can handle the Emancipator no problem
  14. Ah thanks! Could I set it up using the new KAS pipes? So it still looks somewhat like it used to or do I need a physical part connection?
  15. This is working fine for me in the latest version of KSP. I do have a small issue though. I can't get the big map view to just display biomes. It used to do that but then I clicked some button and it then displayed an overlay on the big map of resources that I can't get rid of.
  16. I'm sorry to hear this mod is no longer being supported. As it is does it still work in 1.7? I have it installed but I can't link the power connectors.
  17. @Shadowmage Hi for some reason the SSTU mod integration patches are not working. I have the mods they are for and SSTU installed but their changes to the at least the fuel tanks do not show up. Specifcally for Near and Far future mods
  18. @JadeOfMaar Just so you know the OPT radiators do not work if KSPIE is installed due to the change in the thermal system. A patch should be fairly simple to make and I could see about doing one if you want.
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