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  1. So I have made some versions of the thermometer that weigh 0.1, 1, 10 and 100 tons for purpose of testing my space craft. The main reason I made these is I use the RCS build aid and I want it to ignore some of the resources in my space craft for calculating the dynamic center of mass. You can't actually do that so I made these instead. As they are physicsless and radially attach I can remove the resources from the parts and then just slap these on to represent the mass. So I found these to be rather useful so I would like to know if others are interested in simple weights that apply to the parent parts before I put in a bit more work so you don't just have thermometers that weigh tons as if there is interest out there for these I would be happy to release them.
  2. Thank god for this! I encounter the docking port bug again in 1.3.1 and this fixed it perfectly! Thanks a ton!
  3. Hi I am trying to use this for my mod but even though I have everything set up as it is in the demo it doesn't work. The patches show up in the patchmanager folder but even that doesn't quite work as changing the patches in game doesn't do anything. Also even though the patches are in the folder they don't take effect in game. Also in the patchmanager folder there are two copies with one having a _ before it's name. Code wise they are identical. Link to the patchmanager version of the mod on google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BHsjTmLGcBtc6zvwjsntshRlKG5utoRC/view?usp=sharing It is just
  4. Thanks! I should have this mod set up with patch manager later today. Really glad this is a thing!
  5. I like the way that looks but it would be nice to still have the stock like texture for the pod that the pod currently has
  6. Technically the active cooling that is in right now is supposed to represent running fuel through the wing surface to cool the part. Effectively using the fuel of the ship as a massive heatsink. I know I've read about some thing or another using their fuel like that but I can't recall what. Effectively it is closed loop cooling where the excess heat is dumped into the fuel of the plane or some other heat sink before being disposed of in the engine. I also want to add open loop cooling which would be using water as the ablator.
  7. Ok thanks. It wasn't supposed to be any sort of sci-fi mod it was supposed to just represent active cooling methods for space planes and such. I do want to offer other types of active cooling though. Should I host those separately and have links to the releases on this thread?
  8. Any suggestions for making this an all in one download? As it is I don't know how to do that and prevent all the aero parts from all the modules Also would putting a game data folder inside of the version folders help out? I am not sure how to go about distributing the alternate versions I'm afraid
  9. @JadeOfMaarNew plan. Water ablation should be in by end of day today. Tanks will be sold separately as I am no modeler or texture maker
  10. No kidding! It's a good thing you already have hanger extender as you'll need it to work with a sea dragon! Also the first stage and tank is fully recoverable. Just make sure the first stage engine is charged and inflate the ballute. As long as it lands in the water you can recover it just fine without any other attachments. It will probably also survive landing on land but I haven't tested that.
  11. Actually the RS-25 that I use uses liquid fuel and oxidizer Get it here along with a bunch of other glorious real performance engines running off of stock fuels: Same guy also made the Sea Dragon! It's 23m in diameter so it is quite a lot wider than the launch pad and much taller than the VAB!
  12. I see your Omicron engine and raise you the RS-25 Space Shuttle engine! 1844 kN at 366 ISP at sea level, 2279 kN at 452.3 ISP vacuum with a measly weight 3.39t in a fully scalable 2.5m base size. Admittedly it is for real scale systems but meh I honestly find myself looking for other engines to use as it makes life too easy at times. Do note though that I use the real scale Sea Dragon for launching huge fully assembled space stations as it is rated for 500t to low earth orbit XD
  13. True but I honestly don't want or need all the other features of REALCHUTES. In addition I have a bunch of mod added parachutes that don't have configs for REALSHUTE Yes but the issue is them deploying. The pressure setting for that is hugely annoying to deal with and if you come down on high alt terrain it'll kill you. Just having it all set at an altitude above the ground works a lot better and easier.
  14. I like these fairings as they can handle even the largest payloads but they weigh so much more than stock fairings which is a pain
  15. My favorite part from this mod is the reentry orion esk capsule. It is all in one command module which is easy to use and is all in one. My favorite part though is the parachutes being set to trigger at altitude not pressure. Honestly I would adore having some parachutes and drogue shoots that are stand alone as having them trigger at an altitude makes them so wonderful to use. You can arm them during reentry and not spend a year waiting to land.
  16. I am conflicted between liking and disliking the amount of biomes on Gaels moons. I like it as it limits how much science I can get from the home system but I dislike it for exactly the same reason.
  17. How do I set up a contract pack to work with Kopernicus? As it is I have the Bases and Station contract pack installed and it all works but I don't get any launch space station missions. It's odd as all the other contracts work so any help for getting it working would be great. Config in question:
  18. Oh yeah one of my older save had a great tourist rocket but it would always flip like crazy during the burn to orbit but it would work every time. I called it the tourist tumble XD
  19. Hi I am using the Bases and Station contract pack and I'm not getting any station launch contract. Any ideas for what I could do to fix that?
  20. I love this mod but since I started using Galileo's Planet Pack i don't get any space station launch contracts. I get scout for a base contracts but no space station launch contracts.
  21. Ok that is now up as V2 just check the github page. I haven't tested it but it should work.
  22. Ok I get what you are asking for. I should have a version of that up as soon as I get a response in the mm thread as I don't know how to check for fuel tanks or crew capacity
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