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  1. Hi I want to apply patches to parts that have both lifting surfaces and either crew capacity or some sort of tank. How do I do that?
  2. First of all it's great to hear you like this mod! Also the mod didn't need any changes from what I last posted I just needed a thread I controlled to make maintaining the mod easier for others to see Ok a few things. First I have not noticed any lose in performance with the active ablator on all the parts. It doesn't seem to have any notable impact for my massive spaceplane at least. Second this mod doesn't actually conflict affect fuel tanks already in the parts that this patches. So what you are asking for is to keep the ablator in all the parts they are in now but only have the producers on other parts? Sorry I can't quite figure out what you're asking for
  3. Oh on the subject matter of SSTO spaceplanes for Tellumo I made a mod that could prove useful: It adds basicly active cooling to all aero parts which will quite handily protect your space plane against hyper sonic speeds easily above mach 13. As it is at that point the issue more becomes the engines burning up. If there is interest in using my mod please provide feedback as I am almost 100% sure it is unbalanced right now so feedback is very welcome.
  4. So I came up with the idea to add something that functions as active cooling to space plane parts to help them survive high speed reentries like you would find in a real scale system and @Esquire42 and I made the mod. He hasn't been around lately so I'm continuing to host the mod and provide support. Original thread: Download: https://github.com/NizholasZ/Active-Cooling-Continued What this does is add an active cooling module to every part that has a control surface, airbrake surface or lifting surface. This adds a tank that starts off empty but can hold 100 units of active cooling liquid (ACL) which is used in an ablator module. In addition it adds a converter that takes up to 30 ec a second and produces 1000 ACL a second. This is supposed to represent the fancy types of active cooling that hypersonic aircraft have in real life. The values for ec usage and ACL generation and ACL storage (this when full represents the weight of the system) are flexible and balancing suggestions are welcome. If people are interested I can make other versions of this that add different patches for different versions of the active cooling system. So there could be one that just uses water as the ablator and you just need to have water on board the plane to maintain cooling. Or another version that just adds plain old fashion ablator. Or different versions of the EC cooling system that have different masses and effectiveness. Versions of mod: V1 Adds all modules to all aero parts V2 Adds ablator to all aero parts but generators are only on parts with crew capacity or tank space License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Change Log:
  5. Hey I just started using this mod and I am really enjoying it a ton! Only thing that is bothering me is I can't for the life of me find the volcano biome on Gael. Its not really an issue but I would like to know where the darn thing is so I could visit it
  6. I believe this mod uses something similar to Near Future method where the parts have a transfer button on them and you need to have an engineer on board at a certain level to be able to do so.
  7. hidden how? As it is if you just add the resource and have nothing use it no one will ever see it. If some parts store it / produce it I think you'll just need to make a plugin that resets the values at launch if the player messes with them.
  8. I would love to use this mod. It looks really awesome and I hope you can get something like it ready for release. As for a planet I would love to see something like this except with canyons: https://imgur.com/a/pknsD
  9. What does steering high and steering low do? Is that different limits for different speeds?
  10. Oh man I am super happy that I reinstalled this mod. Now that I have it installed I am very happy to see that the adjustable landing gear is no longer in league with the Kraken! This is great news as they are exactly what I needed for my newest super spaceplane. Keep up the great work and it's fantastic to see this fully functional since I last used this about a year ago and it's fantastic that it's working perfectly now.
  11. Sadly this is in development and there are no public downloads out right now.
  12. Personally am a big fan of scaling ladders as some of my larger craft need stupid huge extendable ladders and being able to tweak scale them so they are just the right length is really useful
  13. I love the mod but the solar disks are a pain in the but. They get blocked by literally anything at all that is between them and the sun no matter how small it is.
  14. I just want to say thanks for these lights! This seems like the only mod that adds lights that worth anything as head lights among other things! Keep up the great work.
  15. Great to hear! Maybe think about not having the MM patch in the download till it is fixed so others don't have this issue? Also the SSTU reentry capsule styled off the Orion is fantastic! The only thing is that I wish I could use stock monoprop instead of the realistic fuels it uses now as basicly all the RCS systems I have run off of stock monoprop
  16. Ah good to know as I have that mod installed. Can I just remove the MM patch for MFT from SSTU and restore reasonable fuel amounts?
  17. A more logical use in real life would be to have it as a storm cellar. It wouldn't add any additional seats but it should seat everyone who can be in the capsule as it will protect them from high energy solar storms.
  18. I only tried the SSTU fuel tank and SSTU lander tank and both of them hold an insane amount of fuel even on the smallest size. I can provide some screenshots when I am back at my PC in about 30 minutes.
  19. I love this mod a ton. The only odd thing is that once you fully upgrade the SSTU tanks they hold an insane amount even at small sizes. Is this normal or is this caused by a bug in my install? If it is a bug I would guess it's from module fuel tanks and the volume system being confused?
  20. Ah yes I do recall that being brought up back when those engines were introduced. Still though it would be nice to get some high performance engines in the main pack like the ones in the legacy pack.
  21. Man those legacy engines are gorgeous! And their performance rocks! I do hope they make a return at some point in the main pack.
  22. It looks really nice! What engines are you using as I can't tell what they are from looking at them. Also is the S.U.R.G.E engine in the legacy pack?
  23. I love the nuclear aerospike engines. Especially the smaller one. I just wish that the exhaust gimbaled along with the actual thrust. As it is right now while gimbaling works perfectly the exhaust only goes straight
  24. It would be a lot better as there is a lot of drag from the parts that should be shielded. I am not sure how much better but definitely better.
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