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  1. Better bug report for no aero shielding with K parts: With a stock install with only OPT I made a simple K style space plane. I then used the F12 aero display and there are drag lines for all of the k series parts even behind each other. So there is no apparent aero shielding going on. I then put a small monoprop tank inside of the space plane and the monoprop tank even though it was inside of the k series part also generated drag. In addition the 3 engines on the k series tri coupler also generated drag even though they were behind the whole space plane. The drag even persisted when the space plane was facing directly prograde in the atmosphere. I could not find the log in any of the three places it should have been so I am not sure where to get it to include it here. the whole space plane aero display showing drag on all three of the engines and the control surfaces even though they are behind the tail surface: The K series fuel tank generating drag even though it is behind the k series cockpit: The monoprop tank clipped inside the K series cockpit also producing drag.
  2. @K.Yeon One other thing that I found is the bicoupler for the H fuselage places the two engines quite high relative to the center of mass of a H style space plane which adds a huge amount of off center thrust pitching.
  3. if this includes the UV unwrap then a lot of people would love this I bet. Without the UV unwrap though it probably wont be used nearly as much.
  4. @K.YeonI have a bug report for the K series body parts. All of the K series body parts do not seem to block the airflow. As in each k part in a stack generates drag as well as lift. Also parts clipped into K body parts do not get shielded from the airflow and generate drag. The K cargo compartment though does shield parts inside of it.
  5. @Nils277 I absolutely love this mod it makes really really nice bases for planetary surfaces. It would be wonderful if you made a bigger size of these parts so they had 2 floors instead of 1. Also I like to use these parts base to base to make a rough cylinder shape for space stations but if you could make space station parts in these styles that would be amazing! Keep up the good work!
  6. @Shadowmage Ok i have attempted to replicate the issue as I don't have the original version of the craft. With .5 spring rating and .65 damp ratio the issue is less pronounced but it is still there. The F3 menu shows a collision between parts of the spaceplane but no mention of the wheels failing. With stock landing gear the issue does not show up at all. If you need more info let me know. One thing I should mention is the game freezes for a second on landing before the issue shows up. As such the kspwheel debug doesn't update before the craft explodes entirely so it doesn't actually show the load at landing.
  7. Ok the craft file will be more than a bit painful to get together as it has parts from a lot of different mods. Using stock landing gear the vessel lands perfectly without any strangeness. I will try and get you the rest of the information you need and I can zip my ksp folder if that might help. First though how do I turn on the debug ui? After that I'll see about getting you some info.
  8. Good luck with that! I look forward to a fix as I love making huge pods but the engines are just a bit too unstable as it is.
  9. Initial testing shows that it works! One other addition that would be nice would be some sort of landing legs for the capsules as with the aerospike engines there aren't really any landing gear long enough to reach the ground while being mounted out of the way of reentry heat.
  10. I found another bug with the rings, I have the latest version of Scattere and Eve and it is installed correctly. It appears the ring texture is being applied to the north pole of the planet as a texture layer it looks like this from orbit and from the map view: from low orbit zoomed in: from low altitude in the northern hemisphere: One other thing that is probably not fixable and maybe not related when I have this mod installed I loose fps much faster while flying high part count ships. Without this mod I have about 30 minutes to an hour of decent fps with my high part count ship but with this mod installed I only get around 5 to 10 minutes of high fps with high part count ships. I'm not sure why the fps drops after being decent for a while and I think it just has to do with how many mods I have installed but I figured I would report it anyways. Also this applies to ships anywhere in the star system.
  11. I love this mod but the big aerospike engines have a pretty sever thrust offset that makes them nigh unusable as well as them having using just mod pod fuel tanks about 17 Gs of acceleration to start with! It is a bit excessive but not an issue but I just cannot use the engine due to the thrust offset.
  12. One thing that would be nice would be an option to remove the scaffolding around the Hermes reactor. I only ask as the reactor itself appears to be 2.5 meter diameter with just the scaffolding around it pushing its width to 3.75 meters. It would make sense to be to have a compact version of that reactor without a top node option but only 2.5 meter diameter.
  13. I love this mod but the big aerospike engines have a pretty sever thrust offset that makes them nigh unusable as well as them having using just mod pod fuel tanks about 17 Gs of acceleration to start with! It is a bit excessive but not an issue but I just cannot use the engine due to the thrust offset.
  14. I might have one bug and one potential bug. I have a spaceplane massing around 500 tons and I use the heavy adjustable landing gear. Whenever I land with the motors on the wheels free the plane while jump into the air on contact with the ground almost no matter what the decent speed is. The horizontal speed does not seem to matter for this bug. Second potential bug again with the same spaceplane is when ever I land roughly in the range of over 10 m/s decent rate the wheels are fine but the space plane explodes. It appears as if the joints between parts all get overloaded and all the parts of the space plane basically fall off of eachother. This also happens at lower decent rate when the forward velocity is above about 200 m/s. I am not sure if this is a bug in KSPwheel or just beyond the limits of stock landing gear or if it is an issue with the adjustable landing gear. The heavy landing gear is scaled to 2x and I have the KSPwheel maxloadscalepower at 4.
  15. If you can set it up like mechjeb where you need the part but it is a toolbar button that would be ideal!
  16. Will this support engines angled off the center line? I have a few really big capsules that make use or radial mounted and angled capsules which throws off the suicide burn calculator for mechanic. Here is an image to be clear what I mean.
  17. I have 1 bug and a suggestion. First of all in the K cockpit I get the hexadecimal color code next to the text on most of the sliders: Second it would be nice to be able to turn off alarms as the tumble alarm goes off when I am driving my space plane along the ground and it is really really annoying in the cockpit view. Third it would be awesome to have a H form cockpit. As it is I use a 4m nose and an H drone core but it would be great if there was a proper cockpit
  18. Hmm. Well considering the code is referring to ISP and Acceleration it might be calculating the required fuel burn? Honestly I'm not sure now that I look at it more but you should only be looking at ISP for figuring out either delta V which doesn't seem to be the case or the amount of fuel that needs to be burned. So maybe it is a fuel requirement? Not sure as including ISP seems a bit random for calculating a time for suicide burn.
  19. I am no expert but I believe his code takes into account the change in thrust as the mass of the ship goes down with the burn.
  20. Is there a way to apply a patch before all other patches? Or at least in a group of the first patches in the list
  21. @Esquire42 @N3N I just made a big update for this! I implemented an ISRU module for wings to make Electric charge into ablator fluid which is then used. The energy cost of the converter needs balancing but as it is it is capable of keeping a space plane cool at over 7,000 m/s. Control surfaces and airbrakes are not effected right now but that is coming. So is the energy use balance. But it is fully functional now! latest version Updated! Now supports Airbrakes and control surfaces. It should apply to all control surfaces but I am not 100% sure. Updated Version Now With Control Surfaces and Airbrakes Be advised you will need to turn on the converter to add ablatorfluid to the parts. They should all start empty but due to the way the patch works every single part will gain 100 kg of weight when you use the active ablation system. So if you are using a bunch of small wing parts this will cause issues. Also I would advise assigning a control group to toggling the converter for producing ablatorfluid. Also balance is still not really there. The EC use is very small right now and I will want feed back on how much we should increase EC use to balance it out. Another thing this active cooling only applies to aero surfaces so if you have landing gear sticking out they will still get over heated and explode. Edit 2: Files are now on the Github awaiting an official release.
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