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  1. So I've been experiencing a bug which is not allowing any docking of any sort. Any ideas? I can list my mods if need be.
  2. Whilst building my space station I was becoming a bit frustrated with the solar panels as they can only be scaled along every axis. Is there a mod that would allow me to extend the length of the panel whilst retaining the width and breadth?
  3. UPDATE ON PREVIOUS POST So I did a bit of testing with the timewarping and here are my findings 1x - Everything is normal. During the transition to 5x, it bounces around a bit before settling at the right reading 5x - Fine (Same transition issue) 10x - Fine (Same transition issue) 50x - Fine (Same transition issue but gets slightly worse) 100x - Fine (Getting more bouncy now) 1000x - Fine (Very bouncy but does stablize) 10000x - Scrubbers do nothing. My 18 days of life support becomes 6 days and 2 hours. 100000x - Unknown (I don't dare going there
  4. I've experienced a pretty game ruining bug with kerbalism's calculation of oxygen. The game is saying my crew has 34 days of life support at launch, but as the time warp increases towards minmus, it periodically lowers at every warp from 27 at the time to 23, 19, 11 and then 6 days. It's almost as if the way the scrubbers functioning is broken. (I checked before launch what the oxygen capacity was, and sure enough, it was just over 6 days) (80% efficiency btw)
  5. @ShotgunNinja Is the latest release of Kerbalism compatible with 1.1.2 yet?
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