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  1. I have just reverted my KSP install to the old version after an unexpected update. I thought I had everything fixed, but when I went to test the stock stratolauncher i encountered a problem I've never had before. For some reason all the air intakes are closed by default and the engines start for 2 seconds then flame-out. When editing the intake options top open all the intakes, this time air is taken in and appears on the vessel resources, however the engines do the same thing and act as if there is no intake air. If anyone else has this problem I am almost sure it was KSP Interstellar that was doing it.
  2. Anyone else tried launching 1.8 and the main menu buttons don't work at all? They show the hover/click anims, but don't actually do anything. Obviously this is due to a mod, but I can't figure out which one it is. I would post my mod list, but I'd rather see if others are having this issue first so we can compare mod lists then.
  3. Try reinstalling B9 part switch and/or bluedog mods, or update them to the latest versions.
  4. I'm not sure which mods are working or not, cause I reverted back to 1.7.3 as soon as I noticed it updated. However I did load the game in 1.8 and for some reason the main menu was unclickable, none of the buttons worked, they just had the hover/click anims but that's all. It's caused by the Contract Config mod just FYI.
  5. Is it possible to ass this as a new part instead of replacing the existing pod? Or is that exactly what this does? thanks.
  6. @Lisias Hi, I recently got the message that my save is on its way out. I was wondering, if I start a new game, will I still get this problem eventually? I feel like the messages about the issue and what ive read on the forum seem to suggest there's no way to fix the issue and we're forever doomed. Is this the case? Edit: I've checked my ksp.log and found the problem parts. I've made backups for what that's worth. If I start a new game without these parts, will it stop the issue forming? Thanks for all your hard work!
  7. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a real plume problem or not but sometimes after a craft has been in orbit for multiple game restarts, when you switch to the vessel from the map or tracking station there's a problem. The engine works fine, but the plume and sfx are not there for some reason. I've tried quicksaving and loading to fix to no avail. Has anyone else run into this? KR
  8. The first page mentions that you need the MAS Interactive IVA for the dragon screens and that page says you need the ASET Props Pack. Here's the links...
  9. Hi, is there a Dragon Pod IVA that has just blank basic screens? When I use ASET and the avionics pack, it slows down my game. KR, Peter
  10. This is superb news! Not only does it protect the Kraken, but the Kraken enjoys the process... Instant download!
  11. I would really like to download this mod, but I have a couple of questions beforehand. Were any Krakens harmed during the development of this mod? Does the Kraken energy extractor hurt the creature whilst extracting power?