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  1. Hi, is there a Dragon Pod IVA that has just blank basic screens? When I use ASET and the avionics pack, it slows down my game. KR, Peter
  2. This is superb news! Not only does it protect the Kraken, but the Kraken enjoys the process... Instant download!
  3. I would really like to download this mod, but I have a couple of questions beforehand. Were any Krakens harmed during the development of this mod? Does the Kraken energy extractor hurt the creature whilst extracting power?
  4. I wonder if I'm missing something, but I downloaded the craft files and they seem to say "Unknown part modules" anyone know what's happening here? As far as I can tell the parts still work ok...
  5. Hi malkuth I'm love the parts this mod adds and it seems like an awesome mod, however, I've encountered a problem. When I try to transmit the mission to the mission control it says "true", but no contract shows up in mission control. Do other contract mods affect this mod from working? Edit: Nevermind, contract showed up a bit further into my career mode save, thanks anyway.
  6. spritefun

    New 1.1 Map view cam disorienting

    I wish i could post a vid or something to show you guys. It similar to the normal cam change when you change your sphere of influence, but happening in map view, mechjebs windows are usually always closed and it even happens when SAS is turned on sometimes. Thats why I just want to disable it if its a native KSP feature.
  7. Yeah I know what you're saying, but if you reread what I said, this can be considered a massive success when comparing it to DayZ.
  8. I understand what you mean by DayZ screwing you, it screwed everyone who bought it. KSP on the otherhand is no longer in early access, and the devs can run away if they want to, it doesn't matter 'cause v1.0 was released last year and that took the game out of early access. If you're comparing KSP to DayZ then I say this was a massive success for early access!
  9. Hi guys, has anyone else had issues with the new Map view mode cam constantly moving all over the place, its actually starting to make me feel sick its that bad, is this a new addition to 1.1 is there anyway of turning this of via config files etc. Any help appreciated, i'd really like to play KSP without feeling like I'm gonna vomit...