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  1. For anyone who still has this problem try uninstalling kopernicus or updating the version For now I’ll mark this as the solution please notify me of this doesn’t solve the problem I’m not sure of a better way to tag you guys, so sorry for the scroll
  2. mkay, this is gonna be a hard one to explain because I have no idea what's causing the issue whenever i'm landed on a planet (besides kerbin) or in reasonable proximity to one I get extremely low framerates, this is made even more confusing by the fact that I get 60+ fps on kerbin and that it only seems to effect manned landers when I turned all the surface scatter and surface textures down to minimum the problem persisted i'm not even sure that its a mod causing this issue because the issue persisted even after I had uninstalled all visual mods that directly effected planets the only two remaining are planetshine and distant object enhancement which when turned off, don't fix the problem my PC is fairly powerful and was able to run ksp perfectly fine in the past its an i5 cpu with an nvidia 1050ti the game isn't unplayable, but a fairly large part of it is due to this if anyone has any ideas (as to what might cause it) or questions ill try to get back as soon as possible thanks for your time, and even bothering to read this
  3. I reinstalled it (the latest version) and after a little while it started happening again but this time I'm using ckan it is hyperedit but I cant figure out why it does this
  4. I'm having a Weird bug/glitch/I'm not pressing the right button where after I had started scanning for kethane I when I clicked the hexagonal button in the map menu and the tracking station(witch was previously how I say the hexagonal grid that showed kethane deposits) nothing happened if I'm doing something wrong, if there is a way I can fix this, or you need more info please quote me Thanks for your time! (I know goldenpsp is going to find someway to be critical about my comment )
  5. whenever I go on to a save with kethane and I try to look at the kethane deposits on the map the planet is covered in a purple thing I cant provide a picture but try to imagine the Mun covered in a bunch of little purple hexagons at first I thought it was extraplanetarylaunchpads but when I uninstalled it was still there if you know what it is, a mod, the way I installed it, or me being a idiot please reply
  6. Whenever my craft is on a suborbital trajectory out of atmosphere (landing on minus/Mun) and I physics warp my craft teleports across the planet in the direction its flying this isn't just my active craft orbiting crafts (polar orbiting probes) teleport too if anybody knows what mod is doing this/what the cause is please reply list of mods that possibly cause this: Hyper edit Mechjeb near future mods (probably not) airpark these aren't all the mods I haven't listed purely part mods if you need the full list/and extra info please tell me