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  1. Murican_Jeb

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    thanks @shaw wanted to make some military suits for a long time
  2. Murican_Jeb

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    Where could I get a suit template? Maybe texture replacer could come with it's own templates?
  3. Can confirm the above. In fact, almost every mod seems to be working in 1.6!
  4. For those very very curious people wondering, firespitter does work beautifully in 1.6. Huzzah, we can still fly our wonderful flying machines!
  5. Murican_Jeb

    [1.3.x - 1.5.x] Skyer's Weapon Pack V0.6 "Bltiz"

    Thank you! We're happy to see you are enjoying the mod
  6. I think the team said later down the line it would be revived. I think it was spanner who was working on it
  7. Murican_Jeb

    Misspell the Username!

    Hapis? Does this mean you are happy?
  8. Murican_Jeb

    Misspell the Username!

    ReelKerbal3x. Does the "Reel" mean you like to fish?
  9. Murican_Jeb

    Misspell the Username!

    pretty sure your name is uhh… uhh… mad biologist #36?
  10. Could we have something like the Ju-88 cockpit? What do you mean there is a bombing station? It's just for taking uh... pretty pictures!
  11. @greydragon70 I opened an issue about this in the BDA github, they've noticed it and are looking into it
  12. @Hojoz It isn't really a bug, if the A.I decides to attack that fighter plane instead of the bomber, then that is their choice. You can't blame the A.I., they weren't made for super tactical target picking.
  13. @jrodriguez Maybe you could put the new smoke effect in destruction fx
  14. Murican_Jeb

    [1.3.x - 1.5.x] Skyer's Weapon Pack V0.6 "Bltiz"

    Yes! The new BDA release has fixed the 7mm weapons, so all of you enjoy your MG-17s that actually work! Cheers!
  15. Murican_Jeb

    Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    3/10 seeems lik ur a neurologist roboht i am human beecuz human dont speak proper englash in interneet and i hav proof becuz response to other ting not spell correlkt. me caveman.