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  1. Because humans always buy more than one thing, even when they plan to buy only one thing Why are Kerbals green and not purple?
  2. @Vanamonde Thank you for the quick response!
  3. Hello all, it's been a pretty long time. I haven't played KSP recently, but will get back to working on this mod asap! Stay tuned for some pointy tails
  4. Could I pretty please with the cherry seed on top of the apple pie with whipped cream have my username changed to "UltimateFlash15?" Just wanted to change it so it matched everything else I use.
  5. @MadmanMorton Just finished school a few days ago; glad you like them! Really nice Stuka too!
  6. @aleksey444 Thank you for the invitation, but I'm afraid I have exams the following week from today (because the Canadian education system is the best when it comes to freedom ) If the competition is still open, maybe I'll try to enter though.
  7. DISCLAIMER: I have been given permission by @RoverDude to release this mod. This mod consists of modified parts and shares Firespitter Bi-Plane textures already made by either @RoverDude or @Snjo and are not originally made by me. In no way am I trying to steal their thunder for their pack. All credits go to them for releasing the original parts. I am in no way part of the Firespitter development team. Thank you in advance for your reading! Ever played around with the WWI Firespitter parts and got frustrated with how hard it is to make a replica with them? They look like the perfect parts at a first glance, but there's just not enough variety to make that one Central powers fighter look different from the rest of your craft apart from the skins, and you don't really want to resort to stock pieces as they look too modern. Well, look no further! This pack was made for you! The only dependencies are Firespitter for the textures and ModuleManager Downloads: Spacedock Download Github Download Q&A: Q: Why do the parts look like they have no textures in the SPH/VAB? A: I don't know. This is actually the first time I've made parts using FS texture switch configs, so any help would be appreciated to fix this bug. But don't worry, the parts should work without any issues! Q: Proof of permission? A: DM me and I'll send you a screenshot. Q: What if I find an issue? A: Open an issue in the GitHub respirstory, or post it here. I recommend you go to GitHub though, to prevent forum clutter. Any pictures or logfiles will be greatly useful for me to look at! Q: Are you open to suggestions/criticism? A: I'll be open to suggestions, as long as they are realistic! Feel free to criticize the mod in any way, but make sure to tell me what's wrong so I can see what to do to make it better! Q: Do you support previous versions of KSP? A: No, unless there is a specific reason to do so. Q: Will you do more extensions other than WWI? A: Probably not, as this mod is meant to be focused on WWI parts regarding Firespitter.
  8. A new update has finally released! Please, give us feedback for the new bomb textures
  9. fIrSt To CoMmEnT Thanks for bringing this one back! I really loved the smoke that came out of the propeller engines
  10. Hello all. I've recently been on hiatus due to school and other things in life. I know this pack hasn't been updated in a long time, and I've been recently burnt out of KSP. However, I'll try to get the update done today as I just have to fix a few guns. Again, we at the Skyer team deeply apologize for our absence and lack of activity.
  11. when a developer wishes he could code the children parts more easier would you bisect an angle bisector using another angle bisector, or a perpendicular bisector?
  12. @L0ck0n I mean, why not just put limited ammo? That's technically limited reloads