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  1. Cooked up my first working Firespitter engine! Definetly going to be experimenting with more things like making cockpits
  2. Version 2.2, "Quality Control" Cleaned up all models and fixed many issues with things like shading + bad model topology in general. Essentialy quality control The addon is now under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License Tiny cleanup of stuff for you guys. Existing craft files should still work. Still a bit busy with other projects but nevertheless content updates will definetly come faster again, and in much higher quality. Now is definetly the time to vote in stuff you want to see in the poll since I'm back with development on this now.
  3. Hello, sorry for the *very* late response. Haven't touched KSP in awhile. If you'd like to still I can teach you!
  4. My first flight was actually either me playing the first tutorial mission where you learned how to fly, or me using the Aries A3 in Sandbox mode. I was playing on 1.0.4
  5. For those who are wondering, this is still compatible with 1.9.x!
  6. Apologies for the long wait everyone! I will be coming back to this addon soon to update it for 1.9! I wont just do a recompile of the mod though. What I'm planning to do is recreate all the models to be a bit more realistic if I can find the reference pictures for them, and add a few previously requested weapons (e.g. the soviet FAB bomb series)
  7. Small update II I have been making a bunch of progress on stuff and I might actually come back to this mod. It usually won't be priority on my list but I may update every now and then. Luckily the update with struts and stuff was saved on my google drive so I can bring that update to the table once I get around to relearning stuff. So basically the mod is back! Updates won't be as fast though as I still have to focus on other projects.
  8. Hello everyone. It's been quite awhile since I've touched this addon or KSP, since I've moved on to other projects to work on. I don't really have the motivation to work on this at the moment, and I don't think I'll be getting back to it anytime soon. Since it's under an MIT license, I think you should be free to take it and keep it alive yourself. If it requires permission, just ask me. I know it sucks since it's been so long, but right now I have to move on. My experience on the KSP forum has been wonderful while it lasted. Farewell everyone.
  9. One common fix is to turn down your terrain shaders to "medium" or turn down your render quality in the KSP settings. If that doesn't work and you have AMD drivers, follow the instructions below: Go to your KSP folder Open the file "Launcher.exe" Click on the settings icon (a white cog on a blue background) Go to the "Advanced" tab Click "Run in AMD compatability mode" Click apply/accept. Hopefully this can help you a little!
  10. For all my years playing KSP and other flight related games, I've always stuck to my mouse and keyboard. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago a package came in from the mail and it wasn't inside a cardboard box or anything, so I saw the box of the actual product. And lo and behold, it turns out my parents got me a joystick that I'll have to wait until Christmas to get. I'm pretty excited, since I've recently been wanting a proper joystick but I would only sometimes use my xbox controller if I was really bored that day. So to answer the question, it's pretty much gonna be mouse and keyboard, but hopefully I can get in the joystick game soon!
  11. The very very first time I've ever played KSP, I chose to play career mode. (pretty surprising, but I switched to sandbox soon after) With the limited amount of parts I had, I made the standard starter rocket with tiny fins, solid booster, pod, and parachute. I was ready. My fingers slowly pressed into my spacebar, and I watched as my booster and parachute both deployed at the same time, soon after crashing into the ground. Then I learned what staging was.
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