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  1. One common fix is to turn down your terrain shaders to "medium" or turn down your render quality in the KSP settings. If that doesn't work and you have AMD drivers, follow the instructions below: Go to your KSP folder Open the file "Launcher.exe" Click on the settings icon (a white cog on a blue background) Go to the "Advanced" tab Click "Run in AMD compatability mode" Click apply/accept. Hopefully this can help you a little!
  2. For all my years playing KSP and other flight related games, I've always stuck to my mouse and keyboard. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago a package came in from the mail and it wasn't inside a cardboard box or anything, so I saw the box of the actual product. And lo and behold, it turns out my parents got me a joystick that I'll have to wait until Christmas to get. I'm pretty excited, since I've recently been wanting a proper joystick but I would only sometimes use my xbox controller if I was really bored that day. So to answer the question, it's pretty much gonna be mouse and keyboard, but hopefully I can get in the joystick game soon!
  3. The very very first time I've ever played KSP, I chose to play career mode. (pretty surprising, but I switched to sandbox soon after) With the limited amount of parts I had, I made the standard starter rocket with tiny fins, solid booster, pod, and parachute. I was ready. My fingers slowly pressed into my spacebar, and I watched as my booster and parachute both deployed at the same time, soon after crashing into the ground. Then I learned what staging was.
  4. The small head would look pretty human-like if the arms were shortened as well so they didn't hang over their legs
  5. Hello everyone, heres a quick concept. Since most of the people in the poll voted for structural stuff, this is what this is based off of Building aircraft like the DH.1/DH.2/F.E.2 is usually difficult due to the nature of their tail, so I've thought up of a quick solution. The sections similar to the part circled in red (the horizontal bars) would be regular parts in which you'd be able to do all the regular stuff like offsetting, rotating, etc. The sections similar to the part circled in blue (the vertical struts) would be struts, so they would be able to fit the bars no matter what. I can also probably bring the bracing wires back, so essentially this would be a slight revival and cleanup of old Firespitter struts. What do you guys think of this? Make sure to tell me your thoughts on it!
  6. 8/10 either a text to speech on a research paper or some narrator in a wildlife show I am human because I can do 1 + 1, unlike robots that would need to focus more energy on walking than doing math. See, the trick is each time you add one value to another value, it makes a bigger value respective to the numbers! That means 1 + 1 = 2!
  7. The only crimes I've done are my terrible BDA memes (i guess you could say its a war crime ahahaha)
  8. I could make a mod for it, but it would just be glass parts you'd have to rescale with TweakScale. Also, if you want them to be transparent then you'd have quite a few weird parts where there are spots more opaque then others due to the glass overlapping
  9. Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates! I have mostly been focused on some other projects, but I'll make sure to update this for 1.8.x soon! Stay tuned!
  10. Hello everyone! Just here to notify you that a new update with a few more new parts is coming soon! There is only one person who has voted in the poll so far. Everyone else, make sure you vote so you can help me with the future of this addon!