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  1. I know I keep delaying the update and keep adding more stuff, but bear with me! The new update is dropping in a few minutes! I've figured out something amazing, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it once they get their hands on it
  2. @Beetlecat @N3N Sorry for the ping again, but I really couldn't resist telling you guys this since you guys seem to be the most invested in development so far So basically I've finally figured out how to write MM patches for Firespitters texture switch. That means if I want to make extra skins, I can not only add to to my parts but add it to firespitters too. This also means you guys can contribute to development even more by suggesting skins or even creating your own skins for me to add to the mod! Keep an eye out for extra customization! You finally will not be fighting just german or british planes. You might find yourself fighting a French plane from the 1915's Also yeah I know the tail piece at the end doesn't really fit with the rest of the plane because of the symbol, however I've added texture switches to that too for different variants so I suppose I could make a blank texture And if you don't like these textures, you won't have to worry! In the next update when this is added, there will be a patch folder where the patch is stored, along with simple instructions for uninstallation. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for FS extended V2!
  3. @Zedwardson Making a spy sat for classified missions sounds very very neat to me
  4. Right now I'm trying to make a patch that applies extra textures to the FStextureSwitch module for certain parts. I'll list one of them as an example. Part .cfg The lines in my patch for this specific part I've checked both the KSP logs and MM logs. The KSP logs show no errors or anything, neither do the logs from MM. However, by looking at the logs from MM, it seems like MM is ignoring my patch for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Firespitter V2 is gonna come out soon, possibly tommorow! However, I have edited some values for the delta rudder, so if you have any craft that use it, be careful! You may want to take the delta rudder off your aircraft before you update! Also, remember to put out suggestions!
  6. Finally got back to working on my Firespitter Extended mod
  7. If KSP 1 works for me on windows 10, I'm sure KSP 2 will
  8. @The_8_Bit_Zombie @Nightside @lurkoholic @madmanjazz @Beetlecat @SPEKTRE @N3N Sorry for the mass ping, but as you have liked the post I felt like I should notify you since you showed interest. I have great news for you all, and while its one thing out of many, I definitely recommend you check out the spoiler below
  9. Hey everyone, I know this mod hasn't had any updates or even chatter from us. I haven't heard from skyer for awhile, so I don't know if we will be making any new content any times soon. I'm not really the main creator of the mod, so I don't know if I'll even make any parts myself. Until I get some news from skyer, I'll most likely be doing basic maintenance/balancing to keep the mod okay with BDA and KSP. Whether skyer will come back or not is up to time. I deeply apologize for the fact that the mod is (sort of) at its end.
  10. Airplane plus parts still deform way too much on impact. The wing shown here is a part of Airplane plus, and I've also had way too much spaghetti with the main rotor after crashing into the VAB I haven't been here in a long time, so I don't know if there's some patch or something for this maybe? Edit: Sorry, I didn't see the other cfgs that are available to be created and I'll try those when I have time. I'll even try to test each part in the addon. You can disregard this if you want, but I'll leave it up just in case someone has another patch or something like that
  11. Yes, it was a Super Make-sense Amazing Revolutionary Tank-powered answer. When you go to sleep, do you close or shut your eyes?
  12. They hamst "ers" by hamsting them Does anyone know any life hacks for counting above 10 on your fingers?
  13. Whats up guys, I have great news! I've finally actually been getting back into KSP! This means that I can actually work on this mod now, since I have motivation for it. Since the reply thread here has been kind of empty, could you guys please post your suggestions for parts here?
  14. Because humans always buy more than one thing, even when they plan to buy only one thing Why are Kerbals green and not purple?
  15. Hello all, it's been a pretty long time. I haven't played KSP recently, but will get back to working on this mod asap! Stay tuned for some pointy tails
  16. Could I pretty please with the cherry seed on top of the apple pie with whipped cream have my username changed to "UltimateFlash15?" Just wanted to change it so it matched everything else I use.
  17. @MadmanMorton Just finished school a few days ago; glad you like them! Really nice Stuka too!
  18. @aleksey444 Thank you for the invitation, but I'm afraid I have exams the following week from today (because the Canadian education system is the best when it comes to freedom ) If the competition is still open, maybe I'll try to enter though.
  19. This addon is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license 2020 Update Well, it's back now. For now, unless a lot of you would like otherwise, I'll be sticking with KSP 1.8.x as this is the only version Firespitter officaly supports at the moment. I've seen some people haven't gotten it to work for them on 1.9.x versions and it's probably not going to work on 1.10.x versions either. The farthest it can go that I can say it will from experience is up to 1.9.x versions, however if you do decide to use Firespitter and Firespitter Extended in these versions keep in mind issues you find in there are most likely because both are meant for 1.8.x Since I've learned how to properly model stuff, models will definetly be coming out faster. I mostly just have to get the hang of Unity and how KSP does its stuff, and you might even be able to see more parts like engines, cockpits etc. along with better quality skins. DISCLAIMER: I have been given permission by @RoverDude to release this mod. This mod consists of modified parts and shares Firespitter Bi-Plane textures already made by either @RoverDude or @Snjo and are not originally made by me. In no way am I trying to steal the show from their pack. All credits go to them for releasing the original parts. I am in no way a part of the Firespitter development team. Thank you in advance for your acknowledgment! Ever played around with the WWI Firespitter parts and got frustrated with how hard it is to make a replica with them? They look like the perfect parts at a first glance, but there's just not enough variety to make that one Central powers fighter look different from the rest of your craft apart from the paint job or the arrangement of parts, and you don't really want to resort to stock pieces for your WWI save as they look too modern. Well, look no further! This pack was made for you! The only dependencies are Firespitter for the textures and ModuleManager Note that when I say Firespitter, I mean the actual parts pack, not just the plugin! Grab it here! Downloads: Spacedock Download Github Download Change log: Q&A: Q: Why do the parts look like they have no textures on the part list in the SPH/VAB? (They still look normal when you place them on your craft in the hangar though) A: I don't know. This is actually the first time I've made parts using FS texture switch configs, so any help would be appreciated to fix this bug. But don't worry, the parts should work and have colors without any issues! Q: Proof of permission? A: Sadly, I've somehow lost the message I sent to RoverDude. However, if you have any concerns you can ask him. Q: Why do some of your parts piggy-back off of other Firespitter textures? A: I'm trying to keep this addon as close to Firespitter's design as possible. By reusing Firespitter's textures, I can keep stuff from being too out of line with the original Firespitter biplane parts while also saving space and memory by using less textures. Q: What if I find an issue? A: Open an issue in the GitHub, or post it here. I recommend you go to GitHub though, to prevent forum clutter. Any pictures or logfiles will be greatly useful for me to look at! Q: Are you open to suggestions/criticism? A: I am open to any suggestions! Feel free to criticize the mod in any way, but make sure to tell me what's wrong so I can see what to do to make it better! Q: Where could I post suggestions/critique? A: You can post it on the forum or on GitHub Q: Do/Will you support previous versions of KSP? A: Most likely not. Q: Will you do more extensions for Firespitter parts other than the WWI series? A: Probably not, as this mod is meant to be focused on WWI parts regarding Firespitter, and the WWI textures/models are the only ones I specifically asked permission for modification. Q: CKAN support? A: Sure, personally I don't use it so let me know if there are any issues and I'll try to solve them
  20. A new update has finally released! Please, give us feedback for the new bomb textures
  21. fIrSt To CoMmEnT Thanks for bringing this one back! I really loved the smoke that came out of the propeller engines
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