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  1. Hey Guru, I've downloaded and installed Quickstart 2.2.0 and QuickExit 2.2.0 (plus dependencies) in my 1.8 game, but get the following error message when the game is started; Cheers
  2. I've been using this mod for a long time now with much joy, I do however have a small request if possible; Whenever I switch to another vessel FS always starts active by default, would it be possible for FS to remember if it was turned off for a vessel? Or if that' s too much work to start FS as inactive by default? (or have a small cfg so users can choose what they want). Many thanks for this great mod!
  3. @cshotton, EPL should come with a dll called 'Launchpad.dll'. Check if you have this so it can be loaded when you start the game. Easiest is to simply download the latest EPL installables from Taniwha's personal site directly. Cheers,
  4. Great, many thanks! Next one is no biggy, but would you even want to consider making the storage parts expand (like the MK2 habitat or laboratory)? Perhaps as an upgrade to be able to enlarge the storage from the existing 1000 to say 1500/2000 when landed. I reckon that's more coding and modelling work and you most probably have many other things to take care of.. But I just wanted to put it out there, and hey, it would look awesome!
  5. Hey @Nils277, Really enjoying your latest Extraplanetary Launchpads add on, I think its state of the art mate! All seems to be working as to be expected, however I think there's still one small part that's missing to make it all complete In order to make convenient use of the Recycler it would be great to have some additional ScrapMetal storage. The only storage at the moment is in the Smelter, but its only 200.. For now I created a quick and dirty one for myself; But it would be great if you could add a proper K&K approved one in the game for others to enjoy. Okay, back to smelting MetalOre and baking RocketParts for me!
  6. Hey Bombaatu, I seem to have the same issue with an unresponsive right click menu on the Ponderosa. Restarting unfortunately didn't solve it. Did you perhaps do anything else to get this menu working again? Thanks!
  7. Tested it without both parameters and WBIDockingNodeHelper module (edited the module out of the persistent save from my existing MOLE station), but unfortunately saw no difference in behavior Mind you this was done with an existing station and ship already in space before I'd made the changes.. Will keep the changes for now to see if it will have an effect on any new ship/station I will be using in the future. *Edit Okay, did some more tests this afternoon with a new ship and performed several docking procedures; http://prntscr.com/eaoyq5 And I'm happy to say the issue didn't occur any more on any of my dockings! This is the portion I removed from the MOLE docking port configs; acquireTorque = 10 acquireTorqueRoll = 10 } MODULE { name = WBIDockingNodeHelper snapAngle = 90 } } Cheers
  8. Might perhaps acquireTorque = 10 acquireTorqueRoll = 10 have something to do with it? Did not have the time to test it yet, and there's not that much info to be found about these, however i did find a partial comment from you from october the 15th;
  9. Just wanted to add that I've experienced the same issue as Vaga while docking. Tested with the MOLE MK1's situated on the station, and the default Jr, and Corvus docking ports on various ships.
  10. Was working on some MM cfg's anyways, and couldn't stop So here you go; @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[Pilot] { @title = Commander @desc = Responsible for overall mission success, safety of crew and manuevers the vessel. EFFECT { name = RepairSkill } EFFECT { name = VesselScienceReturn modifiers = 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.1 } EFFECT { name = PartScienceReturn modifiers = 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.1 } EFFECT { name = ScienceSkill } } @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[Engineer] { @title = Payload Specialist @desc = Maintains all things technical on the vessel. EFFECT { name = AutopilotSkill } EFFECT { name = VesselScienceReturn modifiers = 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 0.9, 1.0 } EFFECT { name = PartScienceReturn modifiers = 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 0.9, 1.0 } } @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[Scientist] { @title = Mission Specialist @desc = Has knowledge of all the experiments taking place on board. @EFFECT[VesselScienceReturn] { @modifiers = 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 } EFFECT[PartScienceReturn] { @modifiers = 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 } } @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[Tourist] { @title = Spaceflight Participant @desc = Spaceflight Participants pay money to see new and exciting places. } (Be aware that the Title field is restricted to 14 Characters ingame)
  11. Some amazing work you made mate, especially your last project! Really enjoy using it on my various missions Just wanted to let you know that the Interstage decoupler from MBIpartsv1.1.2 and MBIblackpartsv1.1.2 use the same part name (flatinterstage001). Cheers,
  12. My utmost respect on your choice for leaving the save highroad to take a turn into the unknown again and to follow your heart! Live long and prosper.
  13. First of all many thanks for creating and maintaining this very useful mod! Just wanted to let you know that after upgrading DMagic's Orbital Science to version 1.3 (out since yesterday) it stopped this mod from from functioning (icon was still there, but no science was gathered). Moving back the the previous version solved it again. Also would it be possible to add support for Blizzy's Toolbar? Cheers,
  14. Sorting would be a great addition, but even now its a massive improvement compared with the early days where you'd had to guess the .cfg location by knowing only the part name and category. Did my first run and pruned 60+ unwanted objects in a fraction of the time I would normally spend on this :-) Great job mate and many thanks!