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  1. I am using RP-0/RO as well so I guess thats why previously my SR doesn't work...
  2. Back to the cold gas RCS thruster testing, if you can still help, I encountered some strange situations. I have a rcs config using hydrogen with isp around 60 ish, thrust around 0.12. I attach a hydrogen gas tank behind my LqdHydrogen tank (hydrogen tank volume around 480L, and Lqdhydrogen tank volume around 40kL), and let it filled by natural boiloff. The filling speed shown in flight is around -20 ~ -30 depends on the main tank temperature, which is surprisingly low and took a lot of time to fill a 480 L hydrogen tank. A single cold gas RCS fire will use 2000 unit which depletes
  3. Didn't even know realfuel has such thing. Thanks.
  4. Im surprised RealFuel has native support for boiloffProduct. Without any editing, the service module does have boiloffProduct definition, so I did a bit of testing. Empty hydrogen tank + LqdHydrogen tank in a service module, the boiloff speed of Lqd does seem to match the filling speed of Hydrogen. Yeahhhh! But what do you mean by cannot be used for propulsive venting? Is that means this is not realistic?
  5. Is there a way to make a config, so that real fuel lqdhydrogen boil off into hydrogen. When I have a normal empty hydrogen gas tank attached to an insulated cryogenic lqdhydrogen tank, the hydrogen will get filled up automatically at the speed that matches the boil off of the lqdhydrogen (obey mass conservation)? So that, I can have my custom made 70s-ish isp hydrogen cold gas RCS thruster working? Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I did leave 1500m/s dv of fuel and stage them manually: I throttle the engine to 0 and stage, and move my focus to upper stage. With this, it should at least have some hint in the stock message, but no, it just says: 'stock module used' Thank you. It works like that before, when I did not implement any sort of recovery tech, some message with pop up like 'stage burn up, did not find a point of control, try to add a probe on it'.... But this time it just says 'stock module used', 'destroyed xxx km from ksc'...
  7. Yes, but I mean I want to have out-of-physic range stage powered recovery (just a pop-up message says recovery successful, given that your dropped stage have enough dv, control etc). It says in the StageRecovery features to support powered recovery but it doesn't work for me, like what happened in the above pictures.
  8. Sorry for the album thing... So you mean powered recovery is currently unsupported? I run ksp 1.3.1 and stage recovery v1.7.2 BTW just want an automatically powered recovery experience, but FMRS required manual handling isn't it?
  9. I tried to recovery first stage, in order to get stage recovery involve I add a booster on top so my focus view can fly far away and let stage recovery kick in. I left 1500m/s dv in first stage. Well originally stage recovery says no...it doesn't think it can be recovered, with a short of 200m/s dv. I have control installed, omi antenna, battery, SAS, just don't know why it doesn't calculate for powered recovery. During actual fly (Krash test simulation mod), it just says so: "Stock module used" Not sure what it means. For those previous uncontrolled decoupled stages, st
  10. Here is the video showing the problem: The wheels are so bumpy and I really do think there are some problems with the wheel settings rather than my landing skills. Not sure if it is the RSS causing this, but I have the following mods installed: RSS+RSSVE FAR AJE B9 KS3P RealFuel RealPlume Tweakscale (not used in this plane) WorldStabilizer Really appreciate if anyone can help.
  11. Have RSS installed, and a lot of other realistic mod (but without RO itself). The problem is: the ksc building seems like always having some kind of terrain issue, like above. each ksc building module dose not have a consistent ground level. and sometime the runway just spawn underground and my plane just boom sometime the physic hitbox and the terrain texture does not match with each other, so the wheels sit either over or partially underground Gaps like this can be seem across the whole planet Not sure if it is just my problem or anyone using
  12. It actually really hard to pitch up if i move the main wing backward.
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