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  1. @SpaceBadger007 @theonegalen @blackheart612 The Bumblebee isn't without it's weaknesses—at full throttle, it drinks fuel like an alcoholic does beer. Cut the throttle way back for a low-speed cruise, and it still has decent range, but not great. It's currently the only engine that overcomes KSP's flawed stock aerodynamics, able to hold speed decently in a turn. All the others shed speed far too rapidly (something Blackheart and I have back-and-forthed about).
  2. W00t! That fixed it! Thanks so much, all!
  3. Because I'm an idiot, is this the correct directory that I should be trying?
  4. @Shadowmage I have not, I'll do that next. Hopefully a fresh install of the mod will solve the problem.
  5. I downloaded the new .dll, but still no menu interface shows up when right-clicking on the wheels in SPH, so they aren't usable. Am I dun goofing?
  6. @blackheart612 y'all are too kind @theonegalen/blackheart it should be labeled "None - Some - Many - All - TOO MUCH"
  7. @Jim Meillente thanks a gigawatt. Now it's just Scansat (and Mechjeb) that I'm waiting on. Hooray updates!
  8. @blackheart612 playing without Kerbal Foundries or Scansat will break a lot of active vessels in my save
  9. @blackheart612 I actually used Steam to revert my install to 1.2.2. I'm so frustrated with updates breaking all my mods, since I only run a sandbox game anyway. Oh, I know it's not AirplanePlus. I tested that one. It's half of my other mods that are breaking the game and crashing-to-desktop. As I said above, CBA to wait around, going back to 1.2.2
  10. Oh, I have no clue. I was just being obnoxious. But I just installed the necessary bits of FS1.3, and will edit this post with a report EDIT: Too many mods are broken, KSP keeps crashing on boot.
  11. @ethanwdp do I need to update all three files?
  12. I love you. EDIT: These things are YOOJ. Had to improvise.
  13. Love it, it's perfect except I really need an arrestor cable.