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  1. @SpaceBadger007 @theonegalen @blackheart612 The Bumblebee isn't without it's weaknesses—at full throttle, it drinks fuel like an alcoholic does beer. Cut the throttle way back for a low-speed cruise, and it still has decent range, but not great. It's currently the only engine that overcomes KSP's flawed stock aerodynamics, able to hold speed decently in a turn. All the others shed speed far too rapidly (something Blackheart and I have back-and-forthed about).
  2. Because I'm an idiot, is this the correct directory that I should be trying? https://github.com/shadowmage45/KSPWheel/tree/master/GameData/KSPWheel
  3. @Shadowmage I have not, I'll do that next. Hopefully a fresh install of the mod will solve the problem.
  4. I downloaded the new .dll, but still no menu interface shows up when right-clicking on the wheels in SPH, so they aren't usable. Am I dun goofing?
  5. @blackheart612 y'all are too kind @theonegalen/blackheart it should be labeled "None - Some - Many - All - TOO MUCH"
  6. @Jim Meillente thanks a gigawatt. Now it's just Scansat (and Mechjeb) that I'm waiting on. Hooray updates!
  7. @blackheart612 playing without Kerbal Foundries or Scansat will break a lot of active vessels in my save
  8. @blackheart612 I actually used Steam to revert my install to 1.2.2. I'm so frustrated with updates breaking all my mods, since I only run a sandbox game anyway. Oh, I know it's not AirplanePlus. I tested that one. It's half of my other mods that are breaking the game and crashing-to-desktop. As I said above, CBA to wait around, going back to 1.2.2
  9. Oh, I have no clue. I was just being obnoxious. But I just installed the necessary bits of FS1.3, and will edit this post with a report EDIT: Too many mods are broken, KSP keeps crashing on boot.
  10. E. Mix the Bumblebee and Divine Wind sounds. F. Record the sound from the YouTube video above.
  11. Can we get a mini-delta with a bit more rake than the Wing Connector I? Basically a half-sized Wing B? The Wing D is a miniature Wing A, but the B has no counterpart.
  12. @Murican_Jeb My syntax was off. The cooling fan (black in reference picture) spins, but the cylinders themselves are fixed. The Focke-Wulf used a revolutionary cooling system (for a radial), where air was sucked in through a hole in the tip of the prop spinner, then blown over the hot cylinder heads by the cooling fan. This allowed the cowling to be extremely tight-fitting, reducing drag. Check it out—you can see the cooling fan spinning, but the cylinders (aft of the cowl leading edge) are stationary. You can also see how close to where the cowling would be the cylinders are—normally, that'd make for an overheating mess, if not for the cooling fan. ASIDE, I would love to have a BMW 801 for my planes.
  13. BMW 801 was a radial, not a rotary. The spinning bits you're thinking of was a cooling fan for the cylinders, which were fixed:
  14. Whew, speed data finally compiled: Speed Tests, m/s (Test Airframe: Y2xx, airframe weight 3.141t w/o Engine) Altitude Marlin Tornado Whirlwind Kraken Bumblebee Divine Wind Silver Crow 0.1km 164.6 163.7 183.1 165.3 211.1 149.7 193.0 2km 169.5 174.2 187.6 164.4 210.8 151.3 193.0 4km 161.7 168.9 181.5 158.4 203.2 145.4 185.7 6km 152.6 165.9 176.3 152.8 194.9 139.7 179.3 8km 170.1 178.8 181.8 155.4 197.0 146.7 181.7 For reference, this was the testbed (it's designed to fit in a zeppelin hangar):
  15. Clearly I've lost my marbles. All engines are performing close to "normal". Maybe I was just being spoiled by the NK-12. I'll finish compiling the data and edit this post with the results, but looks like all the late-gen piston engines (Bumblebee, Divine Wind, Kraken, Marlin, Silver Crow, Tornado, Whirlwind) are good. I need to get those crazy pills checked out....
  16. I'll build a demo aircraft and get you some speed readings as soon as I can. EDIT: Now I feel like I'm going crazy. Preliminary testing shows all systems are, in fact, normal. Am I taking crazy pills?
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