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  1. This...might take a while. Any suggestions are welcome (within reason, mind you.)
  2. Day 100, Year 3 (1652) I was just there to watch the liftoff, as was about a quarter of Kerbin City. Jeb and Bill were waiting in the early evening, dark to the east, light to the west, for the first flight of the Corvus-Tipan III. The rocket itself was a beauty (aren't they all?) a 36.1 by 7.1 meter spear of three stages. The main engine was an RE-M3 Mainsail SB-4 providing 350 ISP for 85 seconds. After falling away, its thrust would be handled by the RE-15 Skipper that would be more than enough to get the capsule into orbit. Additional maneuvering and power would be handled by
  3. The pod equipment is from KIS, Kerbal Inventory System. 1. Yes, I'm wondering if that sticky issue will occur to them as well. 2. It sure is. Thanks for pointing that out, and it has been corrected.
  4. (A/N: Thanks for the reviews, they're always welcome.) Four days free of gravity is a magnificent experience that I wish everyone could enjoy, but there's no question that it takes a toll on the body. I popped the hatch open and crawled/stumbled out of the capsule, then unlatched my helmet and savored breathing in real AIR, rather than pure oxygen. I waited about two and a half hours before hearing the helicopters. One of them hovered above me, and I attached the hooks it presented to the capsule as instructed. I boarded the other one and it took me to the nearest airport where
  5. I have two. First one is no longer being used https://www.youtube.com/user/SCE2AUX Second one is, but as yet has nothing to do with KSP. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAORVHg80tU7z0kCS-lc9RA
  6. Thanks, KSK. I'm using the FASA towers and clamps. FASA hasn't been updated for 1.1, but it still works. You can download it from SPACEDOCK. If you just want the towers and clamps, extract the whole file, but only install the "Misc" folder in GameData. To make sure KSP recognizes it, install it as: FASA\Misc\FASA_Launch_Clamp_125 and FASA\Misc\FASA_Launch_Tower.
  7. The seven of us were not very happy about Elliot being taken out of the flight rotation. "I nearly got myself killed and lost chunks of my ship," she said. "Why didn't they bust me?" She had a good point, but Val stuck to the prescribed launch profile and had a battery go screwy on her. Elliot tried to milk some extra fuel out of the rocket with a premature gravity turn. In the long run though, it wouldn't be making much difference. We persuaded Gene that Elliot and I would just be switch spots in future flight rotations - depending on what I did on my flight. A few days after E
  8. (My sincere thanks to the creator of this map) With Jeb walking around without his feet touching the floor for the next several weeks, my training became correspondingly more pleasant. In fact, the first thing he said to me when he first saw me after his flight - after a not unwelcome hug - was that I was ready for my final test. "No, I really mean it, Kavy. Just take two weeks to review everything and get up to speed, and we'll have you straight-up certified." With some trepidation, I agreed. I was a bit disappointed though to discover that there were no available exami
  9. We all filed into the classroom to be greeted by Gene Kerman, as well as Bill and Bob. "Have a seat everyone. Hit the lights." We did so, and Gene started his slide presentation. "As I'm sure you all know, we're going to be starting a series of new space exploration projects in a few months. Six of you have all exceeded the highest standards of achievement in the fields of aviation, science, engineering, and frankly acting like a damned fool." Jeb shrugged, but couldn't stop himself from blushing. "And we also have Kavy here, but don't you worry, we'll get her up to speed soon en
  10. Jeb wasn't kidding about hitting the ground running; in fact he was being quite literal. My first experience the next morning was to run the length of the runway and back, with Jeb at my side. After that, we went back to the astronaut complex and headed downstairs to a machine that appeared to be a jet cockpit attached to a steel girder with a counterweight on the other end. "This is," said Jeb "a gravity centrifuge. Typically you'll experience anything from five to nine g's at liftoff and up to twelve coming down." "I see," I replied. "And you use this to train your body to abso
  11. This mod is outstanding, very RAM friendly and comprehensive. I apologize if this has been mentioned before, but there appears to be a conflict with this mod and the fuel mods such as Real Fuels and Modular Fuel tanks. What will happen is that RF and/or MFT will occupy the same slot on the capsule window, effectively cutting out food and oxygen, replacing it with hydrazine - or whatever. Is there a workaround you know of? Obviously Kerbalism's features are more important, but having a variety of fuels to play with would be a pleasant bonus. Thanks!
  12. "That's it?" asked an astonished Heekoo. "'I'm game?'" "How often does such a chance come up?" I replied. "Besides, since I have no flight experience to speak of, it would be a chance for the Kerman boys to either prove what great teachers they are or how anyone could do this." "Right. And if they're not able to? This wouldn't be a safe job under the best of circumstances, young lady - and that includes the training for it. We might be competitors, but I'd sure hate to lose you, Lady Kavy." "I know, Heekoo" I replied. "And I really appreciate your concern." "I'm also
  13. Author's Note: This story was originally posted by me during the 0.90 era on the Fanfiction website, but I am moving it here due to the flexibility and interest here. Also, with the releases of 1.1-1.12 it makes more sense to completely redo things, at least as far as operations are concerned. And just to set the record straight, my first name, Kavy, does not rhyme with "Navy," but is pronounced with the "a" sound in "father." Things just seem to come together a just the right time every so often... "And that was our number four hit this week, moving up the chart from seven a
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