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  1. well mine is jeb just sittin in a pod with a propellant tank. WHY
  2. I made a a cluster bomb that would drop a load of Fuel tanks and drop them over the VAB. but my biggest (Remember earlier?) the Fake kraken. iit was biggest by height.
  3. Ever had a fail? *you probably did* it might've had an explosion. show it off!
  4. No offense, but pity. mine was WAY bigger. i made it to look like a kraken. *sorry for bragging* anway pretty big stuff!
  5. Show of the biggest SpaceShip/Spaceplane You built! (Tweakscale and HangarExtender allowed)
  6. mmmmm, mine is 9 centillion (1 with 303 zeros behind it).
  7. I Had Trouble with IF Beause i dont know how to make them Move.
  8. Okay, now VELOCITY CANNOT GO PAST LIGHT SPEED is gone! post any speed! (this goes also past speed of universe expansion!
  9. What is your favorite velocity? (NOTE: VELOCITY CANNOT GO PAST LIGHT SPEED)
  10. I saw mostly when i install mods that they go with the file name "Gamedata" this allows the mod to work. but when i use ones with any other name it doesnt work. Why Does it Happen?
  11. well if a magnetar is the 2nd most Cataclystmic event in the universe, then what is the 1st?
  12. okay, WHAT is the maximum distance that any celestial object cannot be pulled into the Magnetar? also, what if two magnetars collided? (unlikely)
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