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  1. Unfortunately I was unable to alter the UI or even trick it into saying the monetary value with "sci" next to it, tried both If Squad is reading this, some UI hooks like this would be great
  2. What multipliers are working for you? and what other mods are you running?
  3. It's still tied to reputation, but each reputation gain's effect on the budget will slowly decrease over time, so a stagnant space program's budget will fall.
  4. Fair call, will update OP with AVC. And yes Blizzy support in next patch, along with some ideas I have to make the budget a little more flexible/realistic than rep * number.
  5. Sorry for the wait! I hope I'm not too late for your new career, but also feel free to add the mod after a career start it won't break anything
  6. New version is now up on Github. Added GUI window showing next budget Moved science bonus to button Added settings dialog to change multipliers Budgets now occur at 4am (so you can use warp to next morning) Download it here: CKAN should catch up shortly Hi Roninpawn thanks for your reply and yes, pretty much everything you've mentioned is possible. My aim for this mod was to keep it very barebones with cash for science but that doesn't mean another mod could be made that incorporates some of your ideas along with AdmiralTigerClaw's that can be added along with this mod (or incorporates this mod) to extend the R&D economy even more. I've been playing a lot of RSS/RO lately and something a bit more involved wouldn't go astray in that gameplay environment either. I'll ponder it for the time being as I do have a couple small additions I still want to make with this one.
  7. Thanks for the idea, that does sound better I will do a new version with a Settings GUI and "Cash out science" button soon as I'm able. Source code and license added to OP
  8. What this mod does is: Buy tech nodes for cash Nodes in the research tree will now cost funds instead of science. Any science spent is refunded when you leave the R&D building. Get cash for science Turn science into cash at the click of a button Daily budget Every day at 4am you receive cash according to your reputation level. Use the "Warp to next morning" button if that node is just a few bucks away. Let you configure all the above Click the "$" button to change the multipliers for all of the above, values are saved with your save game But Why? Career mode for me just seems to be motivated only by science, and most can agree it's a bit of a grind unlocking the tree. Making this easy change using the plugin system allowed me to play the game with a slightly different outlook, and combined with other mods you are able to progress the game using contracts or funds from your production/mining empire. The reputation budget is just another way to reduce grind, go ahead and time accelerate that engine tech upgrade if you need to. [Download from Github] (Also available on CKAN) Compatible with: Strategia Kerbal Construction Time Real Solar System (24 hour budget cycle) Recommended Mods for a Cash-Based Career Mode: Contract packs, all of them Karbonite+ (Find Karborundum for much $$) Kerbin-Side + Supplements (for more profitable opportunities on Kerbin) Notices This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. This mod is under MIT license, feel free to look at the source code: