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  1. How to dock hitches?? I currently have two rovers one with active hitch and that adapter and passive and when try to connect rovers just act like bumper cars.Using KJR Next too.Tried use those on Buffalo
  2. @zer0Kerbal Here is my log with mod manager config cache. Using version manual install aka install in ckan latest version ( then delete manually scrapyard folder and place As i mentioned,problem arises when : 1.Craft is big, over 50 parts 2.Have same name as previous one(aka overwriting crafts),that i am not 100% sure 3.Delta-v flickers and cost triples itself https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qlXSnNeo3JGLhlegpxgy7fljhaamqLIm/view?usp=sharing Here is link,fair warning its massively compressed(from 130 mb to 6 mb) Problem stops as soon as i remove this mod,wich pains me,because i had alot fun with it,because it's more unpredictable and crazy than dang it
  3. @zer0Kerbal 1st thing first, sorry for late response. I think problem is related to Restock because alot parts in flow graph are from that, problem magnify when craft is big,there is too problem with flickering delta v in editor and flight and craft cost . Fortunately I have old save where is oh scrap and scrapyard so I send logs tommorow as soon as I boot KSP. Sorry for being airhead and not sending log in 1st place.
  4. That flowgraph thingy,killing my fps to 1fps,lovely. Had to switch to dang it till is fixed. Edit yeah removed oh scrap and scrapyard and everything is now fine, and funny fact same craft but cost reduced from 300 k to 100 k what the??
  5. Well this mod wonderfully tanked my fps, so i nuked it from orbit and switched to modular fuel tanks. Now i remember why i got rid of this mod last time,i was fed up with this BS.I don't have github account if u wanna i can upload and send u my logs and stuff,assuming u have github account(i don't wanna have another account,i have full notepad with accounts and passwords). Used RealFuels-Stock configs,there was like 18 errors related to bluedog bureau designs and 4 more to other. Looks like whole this stuff needs serious update
  6. Getting this error anyone can tell me what happens ?? LOG 19:47:17.917] [RealFuelsFilters] Updated info boxes [EXC 19:47:18.018] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RealFuels.ModuleShowInfoUpdater.Update () (at <cf4f967b126d45fab7bca2e67019532d>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)
  7. Yeah it helped me,but i think you would help me as well
  8. Thanks for advice i will try it right away
  9. @Jatwaais there any incompability between this mod and Real Fuels?? Because where i try to use it with this mod,real fuels starts to throw exceptions or its coincidence??
  10. Well, I guess it's only way. I doubt Rt 2.0.0 will ever come
  11. I love yours mod. May I have request?? Could add red dwarf system like Gliese 581?? Or at least make Valentine fix don't break Extrasolar own eve/scaterer configs
  12. Anybody tried to update Eve and scatterer configs to this mod??
  13. Its there any way to use it with Remote Tech(i am used to this mod),even if it is a crutch way to do so??
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